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Delaware County Technical School was on campus Tuesday, February 5th, informing current freshman, sophomore and junior students residing in Delaware County of the programs available through the DCTS VoTech program.  
  • If your student is interested in attending VoTech next year, they must complete an application and return it to the Academic Affairs Office by February 25th.  
  • If your student is is a current junior and interested in the Medical Career's Program we have attached an additional form that should be included with the application; please be advised of the strict academic requirements. 
  • All applications must be returned to Academic Affairs, room 106. 
  • Please be sure to include your essay located on the back of the application.
  • Only Delaware County residents are eligible.
 NO applications should be filled out online or mailed directly to DCTS
Students interested in the Medical Career program MUST complete BOTH the VoTech Application and the Medical Career Application which is attached below