Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Monday, March 14th
4:30 – 7:00 PM - Online

Parent teacher conferences will be held on Monday, March 14, from 4:30‐7:00 pm.

Please check back for updates soon!

First Name Last Name Contact Email Address Department Zoom Links
Anne Barr Theology Barr Zoom
Rachel Beck Science Beck Zoom
Rosanne Betham History Betham Zoom
Brian Bruno Bus/Tech Bruno Zoom
Sean Cahir Math Cahir Zoom
Emilie Cardine Math Cardine Zoom
Kenneth Chrusch Theology Chrusch Zoom
Andrea Ciliberti Admin/Spanish Ciliberti Zoom
Rebecca Colagreco World language Colagreco Zoom
Eileen DeStefano Theology DeStefano Zoom
Andrea Dolan History Dolan Zoom
Anne Marie Dolceamore Admin
Alexandra Esquival Drexel Program Esquivel Zoom
Elizabeth Farren Math Farren Zoom
Monica Floyd World Language Floyd Zoom
Jami Green Fine Arts Green Zoom
Chuck Harvey Theology Harvey Zoom
Keith Henning History/BCIT Henning Zoom
Zack Koenig Fine Arts Koenig Zoom
John Lenge Fine Arts Lenge Zoom
Gerard Luke ELA Luke Zoom
Tom Markopoulos Math
Carolyn McDonald Health/PE McDonald Zoom
Matthew McShane Math McShane Zoom
Bernice Mintzer Bus/Tech Mintzer Zoom
Sarah Monaghan Guidance Monaghan Zoom
Courtne Mooney Math/Science Mooney Zoom
Kevin Nenkov Fine Arts Nenkov Zoom
Sean O'Hara ELA O'Hara Zoom
Maria Pardini Drexel Program Pardini Zoom
Nathan Perfetti Science Perfetti Zoom
Sarah Pressman History Pressman Zoom
John Rodgers Theology
Kaitlyn Rodgers ELA K. Rodgers Zoom
Joe Rogers ELA J. Rogers Zoom
Patricia Rooney Admin/BCIT Unavailable
Jeana Schreiber ELA Schreiber Zoom
David Smith History D. Smith Zoom
Justine Smith ELA J. Smith Zoom
Kate Smith Science K. Smith Zoom
Jerry St. Clair Science St. Clair Zoom
Tavis Stewart Science
Thomas Stewart Admin
Kate Tsakiris ELA Tsakiris Zoom
Sheila Tobin Theology Tobin Zoom
Mitch Vannello History Vannello Zoom
James Vernon Math Vernon Zoom
Martin Watson History Watson Zoom
Wendi Wiley Science Wiley Zoom
Fr. Joe Zaleski History


We look forward to meeting with you!

  • Please be conscious that teachers will not be able be meet with parents unless you have an assigned time slot so make arrangements as soon as possible.
  • It is helpful to have your child’s roster while you are scheduling your appointments.  
  • Please leave adequate time to travel from classroom to classroom.
  • If you think you will need more than the 10 minute time slot, please email the teacher directly to make alternate arrangements.