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Academic Forms

Graduation Requirements and Requirement Worksheet
The forms below will help you keep track of the courses you have taken and what is needed for graduation.  They are also helpful when planning for Courses Register for the following year; The Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs will send an email when Course Registration is accessible through PowerSchool.  
Prior to Course Registration the teachers will review student grades and make recommendations for a student to be moved up or down in academic level.  If a student is interested in changing academic levels, they must speak with their subject teacher prior to Course Registration.  ALL recommendations are subject to final grades, course availability and the recommendation of the Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs.  
When Course Registration is available a student must chose the courses they want, hit the submit button, print the course registration, have a parent or legal guardian sign the form then drop the paperwork off to the Academic Affairs Office, room 106.
No courses are guaranteed.
No specific teacher request are guaranteed
Rosters will be made available to students in late August in PowerSchool.
NHS Tutor Information and Request Form
If a student is struggling in any subject we encourage the student to request a tutor from the National Honor Society (NHS).  NHS tutors are current juniors and seniors that have successfully completed the requested course and in most cases with the same subject teacher.  Requesting a NHS tutor does not mean a student is failing a given course, only struggling. Complete the form below.
Change of Address Form
It is very important to inform Academic Affairs of any changes in your address, phone numbers and email addresses.  This notification must be filled out by a parent or legal guardian; when completing the form you will be asked for a photo ID.  If a parent or legal guardian cannot come to Academic Affairs, you may email Mrs. Patty Martin at [email protected] from an email address already on file.  Please specify the student's name, parent's name and all information to be changed; please include what information must be deleted.