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Student Organizations

As part of a holistic education, students at Bonner & Prendie are encouraged to get involved by joining the student organizations formed on-campus. You are encouraged to read below and learn more about the many opportunities to get involved while at Bonner & Prendie!

New activities are initiated each year and established ones discontinued, depending upon student interest, demand and school resources, but always subject to the approval of the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs and the school administration.  Students interested in starting a new activity should contact the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs.

Activity Reps
Moderator: Ms. Dolceamore

Anti-Bullying Club
Moderator: Mr. McShane

Creative Writing Club
Moderator: Mr. Luke

Community Service Club
Moderator: Mr. McShane

The Crux (School Yearbook)
Moderator: Mrs. Mintzer

Dance Team
Moderator: Ms. Wiley

Fall and Spring Musicals
Moderator: Mr. Walsh

Fashion Club
Moderator: Mrs. Pressman

The Fri-Pan (School Newspaper)
Moderator: Mrs. Kane

Girl-Up Club
Moderator: Dr. Floyd

Moderator: Dr. Cooke

International Student Club
Moderator: Dr. Floyd

Live! with Bonner & Prendie!
Moderator: Mrs. Farren

Moderator: Mr. Markopolous

Minding Your Mind
Moderator: Mr. Luke

Mock Trial
Moderator: Mr. Guiliano

Music Club
Moderator: Mr. Nester

National Honors Society
Moderator: Ms. Dolan

Panda Pride
Moderator: Mrs. Esquivel

Pause for a Cause
Moderator: Mrs. Esquivel

Reading Olympics

Respect Life Club
Moderator: Mr. Barr

Robotics Club
Moderator: Mrs. Tobin

Speak Up!
Moderator: Ms. Dolceamore

Stage Crew
Moderator: Mr. McKenzie

Step Team
Moderator: Dr. Floyd

Student Council
Moderator: Mrs. Pressman

Video Game Club
Moderator: Mr. Markopoulous

Winter and Spring Drama
Moderator: Mr. Walsh