7th Grade Visitation Day

Thank you to the 210+ 7th Graders from our region who joined us for an incredible 7th Grade Visitation Day! Our school family was thrilled to welcome you to our campus and show you how fun the high school journey can be at Bonner & Prendie! 
7th Grade Visitation Day!
Wednesday, March 11, 2020
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
7th Grade Parents - please be advised our previously scheduled Open House and 7th Grade Practice Scholarship Exam have been postponed, amid COVID-19 closures and activity suspensions. We will publicize our new dates when school re-opens in the future. Until then, stay safe!
Enjoy some photos from the day below!
Why Attend Bonner & Prendie's VISITATION DAY?
At Bonner & Prendie's 7th Grade Visitation Day, your student will be assigned to Student Ambassadors who will led them through a modified school-day schedule. 
We aim for that "perfect balance" - one that displays what's capable of our teachers, their lessons, and that hard-to-find, dialogue-based relationship with students that sets our campus and curriculum apart from others... and one that is FUN! We understand picking a high school is a tall order. Leave the hard work to us!
This year's Visitation Day will capture the energy that is Bonner & Prendie Catholic High School! We are bringing back crowd-favorites like last year's Slam Dunk Contest... but we are also introducing new surprises, treats, and special guests! 
Visitation Day removes the pressure of transitioning to high school and shows your student that at Bonner & Prendie, we want YOU to feel like you BELONG.