7th Grade Visitation Day 2024

8:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Why Attend Bonner & Prendie's VISITATION DAY?
At Bonner & Prendie's 7th Grade Visitation Day, your student will be assigned to Student Ambassadors who will led them through a modified school-day schedule. 
We aim for that "perfect balance" - one that displays what's capable of our teachers, their lessons, and that hard-to-find, dialogue-based relationship with students that sets our campus and curriculum apart from others... and one that is FUN! We understand picking a high school is a tall order. Leave the hard work to us!
Visitation Day removes the pressure of transitioning to high school and shows your student that at Bonner & Prendie, we want YOU to feel like you BELONG.
Enjoy some photos from Visitation Day 2023 below!