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Financial Aid FAQ

Prospective Families are encouraged to review our Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions! If you have any other questions about tuition assistance or financial aid, you may contact our Admission and Tuition Offices for further assistance.
To apply for Financial Aid, you must fill out the FACTS Financial Aid Application. You can click here to begin your application. Please note: The Application for the 2023-2024 school year opens on October 1, 2022. Families are not reviewed for Financial Aid until their FACTS Application is completed, and all required tax documents have been uploaded to the application and reviewed by FACTS.
All prospective students may apply for Financial Aid with the exception of International Students. Per Archdiocesan policy, International Students are not eligible for Financial Aid.
Financial aid is determined by the Calculated Need your FACTS Application shows. Calculated Need is generated from the household income numbers provided against the core and discretionary expenses for which you are responsible. In some cases, funding may be awarded based on your Public School District.
Your initial Financial Aid offer will be presented in a Financial Aid Offer Letter, often paired with your Acceptance Letter if the FACTS Application is complete at the time of acceptance. Pending when you apply, this can be anytime from January through July of your applying year.
Your Financial Aid Offer Letter must be signed and accepted, then returned to the Admissions Office by the date listed on the letter. Returning students are notified via their FACTS account if financial aid if applied/renewed for upcoming academic years.
Families are required to re-apply for financial aid each year and upload new tax documents. It is our hope and intention to provide families with renewed amounts of financial aid. Changes in household income and expenses may alter your Calculated Need, thus impacting your amount awarded. 
Any financial aid awarded to a student is deducted only from the tuition fee, not the All-in-One Student Fee. 
Incoming Freshmen will receive their Financial Aid with with your Acceptance Letter if the FACTS Application is complete at the time of acceptance. The letter is generated and sent by the Admissions Team. It will be mailed to the address used on your application. Electronic copies may be requested by the parent. 
When creating a FACTS Financial Aid application, families should save their log-in information. At any time, families can log into FACTS and update information about family finances. FACTS will review your changes once you have saved them. You are encouraged to begin a dialogue with both our Director of Enrollment Management and Tuition Officer about your payment plan in the event your ability to pay has been impacted. 
Families seeking additional assistance should contact Mrs. Dolan ([email protected]) to access the Request for Additional Assistance Form. Completing the form does not guarantee additional aid. This request will initiate a second review of your FACTS Application.
We are able to assist families in emergency situations with an application for Emergency Funding. If you are requesting to be considered for Emergency Funding, please notify the Tuition Officer.
FACTS is used to determine a family's eligibility for Financial Aid. It is not a source of Financial Aid funding. No funding comes from FACTS. All funding awarded as Financial Aid is funding raised by Bonner & Prendie, not through FACTS. This may include BLOCS Grant and Aid.
Bonner & Prendie partners with many different scholarship foundations. We also offer Academic Scholarships for incoming students. 
To qualify for an Academic Scholarship, you must sit for the 8th Grade Scholarship Exam in October-November, or provide results from another institution's Scholarship Exam within the deadline. Academic Scholarship funding is awarded by the end of November of the student's 8th Grade Year.
To review the External Scholarship opportunities offered to our students, you can click here!