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Daily Announcements



                                   Tuesday October 20, 2020

Daily Announcements




Underclass Picture Retakes will be on Tuesday, October 20th and Wednesday, October 21st.  If you would like to  have your picture retaken, please email Mrs. Aiken in the Student Affairs office ( Please state if you are A or B, Virtual or Hybrid,  so we can put you on the schedule.  You must email Ms. Aiken by this Friday if you want to be on the schedule. 


 Dance Team- The Panda Dance team is having auditions Tuesday, October 20th in the Auditorium. Any interested Pandas should email Ms. Wiley ( to let her know that you plan to attend and then be in dance appropriate clothing by 2:40 pm on your audition date.  The audition includes learning choreography as well as showing your performance level in other dance skills.


For anyone interested in learning the basics of American Sign Language, meetings will be held Nov. 3rd and 4th. Location TBA. The meeting will be no longer than 20 minutes as this is just an initial sign up and discussing thoughts moving forward about in person or virtual meetings for the future.


"To the seniors and juniors, Neumann University, Hamilton College, and Saint Leo University will all be virtually visiting on Thursday, October 1st during lunch. Sign up on Naviance or email Mr. Wences if you want to attend!"





Any girl interested in trying out for the Soccer  team please see Mrs. Callan in the Athletic office if you have not signed up already. 



Community Service Club: Are you interested in giving back and helping your community in a variety of different ways? Well, the Community Service Club is starting up again this year and is always looking for new members to join! We are going to hold our first meeting for this year completely virtual on Wednesday October 28th around 3pm over zoom. The link is below and will be posted on the schoology group if you are still in that group page. Any questions please let Mr. McShane know!


Anti-Bullying Club 


AntiBullying Club: Are you interested in standing up to bullying and promoting a school environment of peace, acceptance, and love? Well the Anti-Bullying Club would love to have you join us! We will hold a meeting after school in room 223 on Tuesday October 20th for those that are in person that day and for those that are virtual, the zoom link for it is below and will be posted on the schoology page for the group. We have some great ideas for this year and would love you to be a part of the group! Any questions please see Mr. McShane.



"The Fri-Pan is also back! Our first meeting will be Tuesday October 20th after school. Check the Schoology page for more up-to-date information.






  Healthy Reminders for in School and at Home


Just a few reminders as we return to school – these reminders will help keep you healthy and keep those around you healthy.

  •       Effective hand washing is key!  Washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds will decrease your risk of picking up germs.  If you are not able to wash your hands, please use hand sanitizer.  Always keep a spare container of hand sanitizer in your backpack.   If you take public transportation please wash your hands when you get to school and when you return home in the afternoon.
  •       Wear your Mask!  Make sure your mask covers your nose and mouth.  Have an extra one available if possible.
  •       Keep your hands away from eyes, nose and mouth
  •       Remember to socially distance (greater than 6 feet) yourself at school and in social gatherings outside of school
  •       If you are sick or not feeling well, please stay home.  If you have a fever (greater than 100), cough, shortness of breath, please reach out to your family doctor. 
  •       If you have any questions, please ask….

Thank you!  



"The International Trip Program is traveling to Greece in 2022! The International trip program here at Bonner&Prendie has been traveling to countries in the summer for the past few years and we are positively looking ahead to the future in the summer of 2022 where Greece is our destination! All of the wonderful details like itinerary, price, excursions, the cruise,. If  have any questions at all please see or email Mr. McShane at for the link and information. The information on this trip is free to get so please, both students and parents, come ask questions! The information is free, but the experience of a lifetime is priceless!"  




Let’s Talk! Lunch groups

We care about what you have to say students, so Let’s Talk! Follow the link in the email from Miss Bowes or scan the QR code on posters in the hallways and classrooms to sign up for the chance to share your thoughts and experiences as the B&P student body!