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11/24/2020 12:38:36 Announcements
  Date Posted
10/15/20 Any girl interested in trying out for the Soccer team please see Mrs. Callan in the Athletic office if you have not signed up already.
10/9/20 Any girl interested in trying out for the Soccer team please see Mrs. Callan in the Athletic office if you have not signed up already.
  Community Service Club: Are you interested in giving back and helping your community in a variety of different ways? Well, the Community Service Club is starting up again this year and is always looking for new members to join! The best place to get information and join the club is on our CSC schoology group page. Please come see or email Mr. McShane for the code to join! Any questions please let Mr. McShane know!
  AntiBullying Club: Are you interested in standing up to bullying and promoting a school environment of peace, acceptance, and love? Well the Anti-Bullying Club would love to have you join us! We have some great ideas for this year and would love you to be a part of the group! Any questions or info about joining please see Mr. McShane.
  Mathletes: Do you have an interest in math? Do you like solving some problems for fun? Well then, Mathetes is the group for you! We typically meet after school in room 223 on Mondays for practice. Any questions or info about joining please see Mr. McShane!
11/4/2020 Chess and Board Game Club: Do you like playing chess and other board games with your friends? Do you have an interest in learning about chess and how to play? Well then the chess and board game club is the club for you! We are looking to have our first meet up live and over zoom on Wednesday November 11th after school in room 223. We have a cool online way we can play some games so we are hoping to try it out! If you would like to attend, please email Mr. McShane and let him know if you plan on being there in person or over zoom (that way he can send you the link if needed). Also, if you need the schoology group code to join please email Mr. McShane. Any questions please see Mr. McShane.
11/11/2020 Tabs- Students are asked to bring tabs to room 218 on their way to first period OR after school any day to drop in the class bucket. This year, we are challenging Pandas vs. Friars in each class. We hope to award prizes to Participants in the winning class. So be sure to sign the lists when you drop your tabs in each time!!!
11/20/2020 There will be a meeting of the ASL.Club Monday, Nov.23 and Tuesday, November 24th. The meeting will be held in the.Fr. Atkinson Center on the 2nd floor. The meeting will last until 3:15
11/23/2020 Good Evening Juniors and Seniors! In an effort to raise awareness for our fight against Cancer, we will be participating in “Mo-Cember”. If you would like to participate, you must purchase a wristband from Student Affairs for $10. This will allow you to wear a Bonner & Prendie sweatshirt OVER your uniform for the month of December. If you are caught wearing a sweatshirt without a purchased wristband OR you purchase a wristband and wear a sweatshirt that is not a Bonner & Prendie sweatshirt, you will receive demerits. You must have your wristband on at all times and it must be a Bonner & Prendie Sweatshirt.
Once you purchase your wristband, your name will be on a list that will be sent out to all Faculty and Staff so they are aware who is permitted to wear the sweatshirt. Please see myself or Ms. Aiken in Student Affairs to purchase your wristband.
11/23/2020 Those who are interested in running track this year should register in the athletic office, or by completing this Google Form

If you are interested, please join us for conditioning this week. Due to the holiday schedule, our practice times are changed.

Monday Practice is at 3:30 PM
Tuesday Practice is at 4:00 PM
Wednesday Practice is at 10:30 AM

Conditioning/practice the week of 11/30 will be at 4:00 PM all week.

We meet at the track at practice time every day. Be prepared to run with running shoes and appropriate clothing for the weather.

If you are still participating in a fall sport, but you're interested in joining us, please reach out to Coach Kee or Coach Virgil to make arrangements on your practice schedule.

Coach Kee and Coach Virg.
11/23/2020 there will be Christmas dress down days December 16th and 17th.

Students may dress in jeans,
pants or sweats, sneakers, and a predominantly green or red or Bonner
or Prendie shirt or sweatshirt with jeans or sweatpants. You may not
wear a jacket or sweatshirt over your Bonner & Prendie shirts. The
Bonner & Prendie shirt must be the outermost shirt. No pajama
bottoms. Sneakers, uggs or comfortable shoes are permitted. No flip flops,
slippers, moccasins, or sandals. The cost of the day is $2.

That day will also be an ugly sweater contest. Everyone has one. Your
favorite aunt, grandma gave you it during the holidays, and you pull
it out of storage each year and wear it to show them how much you
"appreciate" the gift! Well now it's time to get rewarded for keeping
that hideous, tacky, ugly sweater around. Prizes will be given out to
the “best” holiday sweater. We will have a Faculty/Staff prize for the best ugly

sweater this year, too! Despite it being 2020, Let's make this Christmas the best one yet!
11/25/2020 Hybrid students- If you have not received your chance books after the holiday please stop down to Student Affairs and pick them up.
  Healthy Reminders for in School and at Home
  Just a few reminders as we return to school – these reminders will help keep you healthy and keep those around you healthy.
11/17/2020 · Effective hand washing is key! Washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds will decrease your risk of picking up germs. If you are not able to wash your hands, please use hand sanitizer. Always keep a spare container of hand sanitizer in your backpack. If you take public transportation please wash your hands when you get to school and when you return home in the afternoon.
  · Wear your Mask! Make sure your mask covers your nose and mouth. Have an extra one available if possible.
  · Keep your hands away from eyes, nose and mouth
  · Remember to socially distance (greater than 6 feet) yourself at school and in social gatherings outside of school
  · If you are sick or not feeling well, please stay home. If you have a fever (greater than 100), cough, shortness of breath, please reach out to your family doctor.
  · If you have any questions, please ask….
  Thank you!
  "The International Trip Program is traveling to Greece in 2022! The International trip program here at Bonner&Prendie has been traveling to countries in the summer for the past few years and we are positively looking ahead to the future in the summer of 2022 where Greece is our destination! All of the wonderful details like itinerary, price, excursions, the cruise,. If have any questions at all please see or email Mr. McShane at for the link and information. The information on this trip is free to get so please, both students and parents, come ask questions! The information is free, but the experience of a lifetime is priceless!"
  Let’s Talk! Lunch groups
  We care about what you have to say students, so Let’s Talk! Follow the link in the email from Miss Bowes or scan the QR code on posters in the hallways and classrooms to sign up for the chance to share your thoughts and experiences as the B&P student body!