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Q. How does the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit program work?


The Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program is the only financial vehicle available to redirect a portion of your PA taxes to a tuition-based school.


Q: How do I qualify to make an EITC donation to Bonner & Prendie?


Look on your current PA tax return, line 12. This tells you what your tax liability is for the year (tip: everyone in PA pays 3.07% income tax).  


If your income tax amount is over $1,000, you are eligible to participate and redirect your PA tax to B&P.


Q: What steps do I take to make an EITC donation to B&P?


STEP 1: Determine Your Tax Year 2024 Eligibility and Gift Amount.

Make sure your tax liability is over $1,000 and then decide on the gift amount you’d like to contribute for tax year 2024 (minimum amount is $1,000).


STEP 2: Connect with the Advancement Office.

Reach out to the advancement office to participate or to ask questions by phone (610.259.6012) or email [email protected]


STEP 3: Allow us to introduce you.

Once you decide to participate, B&P will connect you with one of the partnering scholarship organizations.


STEP 4: Work with the Scholarship Organization.

  • Collaborate with the scholarship organization to sign an LLC document as directed and send in your contribution check following their instructions.


STEP 5: Complete your tax forms and submit your contribution.

  • By February/March of each participating year, the scholarship organization will mail you an IRS-issued K-1 form. The K-1 form ensures that tax liability is appropriately allocated to Bonner & Prendie as you expected. It is then used by you and/or your accountant to help offset your tax liability each year.
  • In early 2025, you’ll receive an IRS issued K1 tax form for your 2024 contribution to use when filing your 2024 taxes.
  • In September 2025, you’ll contribute (if participating) and work with the scholarship organization. Early in 2026, you’ll again receive an IRS issued K1 form for your 2025 taxes.
  •  This can be done for as many years as you are eligible.


Q: Can you give me an example?

  • Let’s say your Line 12 (tax liability) is $10,000.
  • You decide to donate $5,000 by participating in the EITC program.
  • You will write a check for your full donation amount ($5,000) following the scholarship organization’s procedures.
  • After filing your taxes and utilizing the K1 form, you’ll receive a tax credit of 90% that you can apply to your tax liability for the next year.
  • By using your tax liability amount to provide tuition assistance to students at Bonner & Prendie, the true out-of-pocket cost to you is only $500.
  • BONUS – your out-of-pocket expense can be used as a federal deduction.


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