Demystifying Bonner & Prendie Admissions

Q: Where does Bonner & Prendie focus its recruiting efforts?


A: The geographic area we recruit from has remained consistent over the years. Delaware County continues to produce the majority of our student-body foundation. As a former Bonner & Prendie field hockey coach, alumnae, wife, and mother of three children that are graduates, I’ve built extensive community connections over my tenure.


Q: When did your recruitment efforts begin for the Class of 2028?


A: "Our recruiting for each incoming class begins in March of the students' 7th grade year when we host a Universal 7th Grade Visitation Day. In March 2023, for example, we hosted the Class of 2028 students. 


On average, Bonner & Prendie converts one-third of those who attend Visitation Day into registered students. We continued our recruiting efforts for the Class of 2028 into the fall of 2023 with AOP/IMS school visits, open houses, financial aid (FACTs) workshops, Getting Ahead Night, the scholarship exam, and school tours."


Q: How do B & P student ambassadors support admissions?


A: "Our Student Ambassadors are vital—they serve as the face and voice of our school. They conduct tours, give presentations to parents and students during open houses, host shadow days, and even participate in marketing campaigns. 


They also travel with our Admissions team to nearby Archdiocese and Independent Mission Schools to give presentations to 6th - 8th graders. The feedback we hear from the principals and teachers is positive; our ambassadors' energy and enthusiasm are contagious. That's why, when selecting our ambassadors, we value qualities like leadership and enthusiasm for Bonner & Prendie over purely academic achievements."


Can you explain the "shadow student program"?


A: "The shadow student program allows 7th & 8th-grade students to experience an authentic day at Bonner & Prendie firsthand. The shadow host accompanies current students, attends classes, and interact with teachers and peers. It's an excellent opportunity for them to get a feel for our school, and we've found that about one-third of shadow students ultimately choose to enroll here."


Q: How do you market the school?


A: "In addition to Visitation Day for 7th grade students, school visits and personal outreach, we also offer events, like a spring and fall open house and a "Getting Ahead Night," which walks interested families through the application process and financial aid process. For students interested in applying for our merit-based scholarships, we offer the academic scholarship test to 8th graders in the fall and a practice test for 7th graders in the spring.


We promote Bonner & Prendie on our website, social media channels, Lansdowne Avenue signage, and through our personal connections with teachers, administrators, and guidance counselors at various schools. We get posters made for our partner schools which includes important information and dates for B&P.. Counselors in the public schools share our information with students when students inquire about Bonner & Prendie as we can’t advertise within the public schools.  


Q: How many students are from Delaware County?


A: "About 78% of our students are from Delaware County, reflecting our continued efforts to recruit locally."


Who determines acceptance to B & P? Committee? 


A: "The Assistant Director of Admissions and I use a holistic approach in reviewing applications. We consider factors from a student's application such as GPA, placement test results, community service involvement, clubs/sports/activities interests, and disciplinary report. Using a holistic approach allows us to project how well a student will perform at Bonner & Prendie and their success in and out of the classroom.


Q: Who determines a B & P class size?


A: Every year, we receive a new enrollment goal from Dr. John Cooke and the Archdiocese. For the Class of 2028, our goal is 205 students, and right now, we have 160 students registered, which is typical for us this time of year. We're trending to get another large number of registered students in the summer for a couple of reasons: students that moved into the area and some parents decided to move their students from public to private school in the June timeframe.

Even though we have an enrollment goal, we are not just filling the seats. We want to ensure we're getting the best students we possibly can who will succeed at B & P."