Student Highlight: Stephanie Oyelakin '24 & Kieran Farren '24

What are your responsibilities as co-presidents of the student council?

Stephanie: As co-presidents, Kieran and I will assist with school events and be a voice of the student body. It’s a position that carries a lot of responsibility because you’re representing the school. Everyone is looking to you to set a good example, so you must be on your “A” game and be a good student.

Kieran: I’m looking forward to representing the school. Hopefully, we’ll be an excellent example for other students, and they’ll recognize what we’re trying to do to help our school grow and thrive. We want to help make a strong student body. I’m sure there will be a lot of eyes on us, so we plan to be involved and show others that involvement makes a difference.

What other activities have you participated in at Bonner & Prendie?

Stephanie: I’m on the cheer team. Captains are not selected yet, but I hope to be one. I’m also a member of the Advocacy Club and the National Honors Society, as well as the graphic designer for our student newsletter, The Fri-Pan. I knew from freshman year that I did not want to be a 7:50-2:30 student – I wanted to be involved in as many clubs as possible, so I joined Student Council my freshman year.

Kieran: I play football, indoor and outdoor track, and lacrosse. I’m an Admissions Ambassador, where I help lead tours and shadows for prospective students. I’m also a part of the Respect Life Club – it was part of March for Life, a pro-life movement.

What made you decide to enroll at Bonner & Prendie?

Stephanie: It was between West Catholic and Bonner & Prendie. My grade school, St. Francis DeSales School in University City, had a lot of connections with West Catholic. My whole family attended West Catholic, so I was there often and could see myself attending. But two Bonner & Prendie events persuaded me to change my mind. The first one was when I shadowed a Bonner & Prendie student who was the former president of the student council. Shadowing her was the best because she took many of the classes I planned to take freshman year, so my time with her gave me great insight and prepared me to attend. Bonner & Prendie had some things that West didn’t, which persuaded me. The second experience was attending the 6th, 7th, & 8-grade dance. I met a lot of people and had a really good time.

Kieran: My brother, sister, and dad graduated from Bonner & Prendie – and they had a great experience. My mom also teaches math there, so my whole family has been a part of the community for a while. When I shadowed, it felt like the right place for me, where I could get involved and set myself up for the future.

What is your favorite part about being a student at Bonner & Prendie?

Stephanie: The art program is fantastic. It introduced me to so many different styles of art. Not only painting and coloring but also using computers to create pointillism (usually done with a pen and paper) on a computer. You see the world differently after taking an art class.  Mr. Lenge, the art teacher, says he doesn’t teach us how to draw; he teaches us how to see – he says anything we can see, we can draw. I also love the plays. I have attended every single school play. I don’t have the time to be in them, but the performances are excellent.

Kieran: Attending Bonner & Prendie has taught me about support and building friendships. Our community is supportive. Alumni give back, and our teachers make learning fun. They’re always there to help when I’m confused or lost; they do a great job of helping students to learn. It makes going to school every morning easy. The people in the offices are supportive, too. It shows the impact Bonner & Prendie has had on so many people. I also love seeing my friends here every day. I’ve built lifelong friendships at Bonner –some I’ve had since kindergarten.

What teachers positively impacted your school experience?

Stephanie: Mr. Lenge has been my art teacher for three years. I’ll have him again next school year. I feel like he doesn’t just see me as a student. He’s gotten to know me as a person, and I can talk to him about anything. It’s nice to know I have someone I can go to. Also, Ms. Dolan, my World History teacher freshman year. She always had high hopes for me, which means a lot. During a parent-teacher conference freshman year, my mom told me she spoke highly of me, which was great to hear. When she was the moderator for the National Honors Society, she told me, “I have no doubt you’ll get in.”

Kieran: My freshman year, Mr. Bruno taught my computer class. I wasn’t excited about the class because I’m not into computers, but the course got fun as the year went on. He made it cool to learn about computers. Also, my ELA teacher, Ms. T. I’m not big on ELA, but she made my ELA class sophomore year a great class and helped me become a better writer.

If you could use one word to describe your Bonner & Prendie experience, what would it be?

Stephanie: Enlightening. I’ve learned a lot academically and outside of academics. I like that I can take AP classes and honors classes, which are at a faster pace. I always felt bored in grade school, but the classes here challenged me more. I also learned a lot about the Bonner & Prendie traditions and the people. My whole high school experience has been very eye-opening and introduced me to many things and people I will take with me for the rest of my life.

Kieran: Exciting. Every year my school experience gets better and better. During my freshman year, we were fully remote due to COVID-19. Last year was our first normal year, where we were all back in the building full-time and had all of our student body activities, so that was exciting.

What do you want to do after Bonner & Prendie?

Stephanie: I want to attend college and possibly work in medicine. I think I’m leaning toward working with kids. Maybe I’ll work outside of the hospital or possibly in the OR. My mom was in the Delta Sorority, so I also wanted to join her sorority in college.

Kieran: I want to go to college, probably for business. I like the idea of furthering my education. I may play sports if given the opportunity, but I’ll have to see what happens.