There is something exceedingly special about donors like you. To have your support means you believe in us! You are our community of support and commitment.
Your donation means the world to us. Your support means we have the opportunity to grow academically, excel at varsity sports and participate in many extracurricular programs. Actually, we are able to enjoy all parts of our incredible Bonner & Prendie education.
You allow us to bring Bonner & Prendie's mission to life. We thank you!
Alumni come and visit often and tell us that they enjoy lifelong friendships made at Bonner & Prendie. We agree!
Although this video above has specific messages about BLOCS and the tax credit program - it is our way to say THANK YOU to all of our benefactors, all gifts, to any fund or any purpose, through various means. THANK YOU! Please continue to support Bonner & Prendie as much as you can. Thank you for making us a priority in your life.
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