A conversation with Coach Kee

This year, Bonner & Prendie’s Girls’ Track Team won the indoor Catholic League Championships. The Girls’ Cross-Country Team won the Catholic League Championships and District 12 Championships. Over 20 girls competed in the Catholic League Championships this year, many of them veterans on the team. 
“The girls were successful at many different levels this year. We are really happy with how the team is progressing and moving forward,” Coach Kevin Kee shared. 
Coach Kevin has coached Bonner & Prendie’s track teams since 2013. He currently coaches the Girl’s Track Team and the Boy’s Distance Runners, while Virgil coaches the Boys’ Team and the Girls’ Team Sprinters. 
“We set expectations for the team at the beginning of every season. We ask them to make practice every day, be a good example, and follow leadership. All the players are committed. When it comes to track and cross country, the time is the time. How our athletes perform determines who moves to the next level. The harder our athletes work, the better they perform,” explained Coach Kevin.  
One team member who really stood out this year was Taylor Johnson. As a senior, Taylor is the MVP of the Catholic League. She participated in the National Championships in the spring and became a state medalist. Taylor ran in four different events at Catholic League Championships and did her part to ensure all the seniors on the team received All-Catholic Honors for the first time in our history.  
“One of the things that I enjoy most, especially from the upper classmen, is they are not just satisfied with where they sit right now. They constantly want to better themselves and better the team to push to another level,” Coach Kevin shared.
PCL Track MVP: Taylor Johnson 
All Catholics:
First Team: Ava Ezzie, Tekira Knox-Wagner (2x), Bridget Jacobson, Allison O'Brien, Misa Love (3x), Taylor Johnson (4x), Ryan Smith, Raziah Womack, Hannah Quinn, Tamara Williams (2x), Erin O'Brien, Kayley DiTrolio
Second Team: Sydney Yates, CeCe Perkins, Ava Ezzie (2x), Allison O'Brien (3x), Tekira Knox Wagner, Erin O'Brien, James Ugorii, Kieran Farren 
Third Team: Tamasen Allen-Bey, Raziah Womack, Ryan Smith (2x), Bridget Jacobson, Ava Ezzie, Erin O'Brien
Winners of events:
Distance Medley Relay: Ava Ezzie, Tekira Knox-Wagner, Bridget Jacobson, Allison O'Brien
60 Dash: Taylor Johnson
200: Taylor Johnson
4:400: Taylor Johnson, Misa Love, Tekira Knox-Wager, Erin O'Brien
Long Jump: Tamara Williams
High Jump: Kayley DiTrolio
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