Learning Legacy: Christopher Kolody '25

This week’s Learning Legacy has such a strong legacy at B&P, they’re even cousins with our last legacy student! Christopher Kolody ‘25 will join Bonner & Prendie from Drexel Hill Middle School as a Saint Augustine Academic Scholarship Recipient!

For Christopher’s mother, Kristen Gantz Truax ‘89, the excitement comes from the family atmosphere and school pride! “I am excited for Christopher to experience a close knit school community filled with traditions.” Christopher’s stepdad, Tim Truax, is also a 1985 graduate of Bonner.

You may recognize some names from Christopher’s legacy from our last post with fellow classmate (and cousin) Hayleigh McDonough ‘25! Both of Christopher’s grandparents, Claire Goldschmidt Gantz ‘60 and Hubert Gantz ‘60, and all of Grandmom’s siblings, attended B&P. Other relatives include: Eric Gantz ‘86, Meg Gantz McDonough ‘83, and “the Goldschmidt family and cousins!”

Christopher tells us, “I am very excited to be going to the same school as my Mom and Stepdad. The stories they tell about going to Bonner and Prendie are special and I hope to have the same experiences as them. It also means so much that my Grandpop and Grandmom went to Bonner and Prendie. They graduated in 1960 and it is cool they went to the same school as I will be going too.”

Welcome, Christopher!