Learning Legacy: Samari Panepinto-Rodriguez '25

The amount of legacy learners joining our Class of 2025 just keeps on growing! Today we spotlight incoming freshman Samari Panepinto-Rodriguez!
Samari’s father, Paul, is a 2002 graduate of Monsignor Bonner High School. Prior to attending Bonner, Paul went to Presentation B.V.M. His mother, Nancy Abbolone Panepinto, is a graduate of Prendie Class of 1968. “To attend the same school as my Dad, and be a part of the Bonner & Prendie legacy in my family, is very meaningful to me. It is important because I will follow in my Dad’s footsteps and carry the tradition as a Bonner & Prendie student.”
As for her ambitions during high school, Samari says, “I hope to create my own personal memories as my dad did. I feel proud to carry on this legacy as a student at Bonner & Prendie.” When Paul toured B&P with Samari, he was thrilled to be back at his Alma Mater, even going out of his way to visit Mrs. Roccio before her retirement!
“I am most excited for my daughter to experience the feeling of being part of one big family and the bonds that I hope she will make with her classmates. When I attended Bonner we were a class of brothers; we all knew each other and we were close. I am happy that my daughter will have the opportunity to experience the same feeling I did as the entire faculty always made me feel so appreciated and welcome. That is a feeling and atmosphere that is synonymous with Bonner & Prendie.”