New Cross Blessed by Archbishop Perez

For Archbishop Nelson Perez's visit to Bonner & Prendie on February 24th, Fine Arts Instructor John Lenge built this new cross to be used for all forthcoming school liturgies and services.
"Several years ago I refurbished and reskinned the altar that is used on stage. Since that time I have been wanting to create a matching cross that would not only be equal to the altar in size and scale, but match it's look. That would be easy enough, but I wanted it to also be able to stand out on its own."
So how did Mr. Lenge come up with the concept for the new cross? "Originally I was going to build the corpus out of sheet metal shapes that were then surface grinded for a swirl effect that would react with the light. I created sketch after sketch looking for a visual spark. Then I had an epiphany: 'What if the corpus could glow with its own light from behind while the cross was a silhouette?' So I cut out from the wood a geometrically modern corpus and sandwiched expanded steel in between the front and back pieces for strength. Then I used thin stock with a darker stain to create an outline for both a lighted and silhouetted cross to have a well defined out line." 
Clearly, building the sixteen-piece cross was no small task for Mr. Lenge! Many details were brought into consideration, even down to the base of the cross itself. "I designed the matching base to look more like a hill or mountain matching that same modern geometry of the corpus. "
"I was very proud to have done this for the school community and even prouder to have the cross blessed by Archbishop Perez," he says! From our Community Hallway mural frames to woodwork throughout the cafeteria, Mr. Lenge's work can be found throughout our building. We are grateful he continues to share his talents with our students and community.