First Murals of "Community Hall" Finished

As part of a project with Mr. Lenge, our school's Art Teacher, seven murals were completed in the weeks before school's end, as part of Community Hall. 
This project will take three to four years to complete, but will feature over twenty "postcard" murals on these former-lockers. For years, these lockers sat abandoned in our basement. This new project has given new life to the basement, and "Community Hall." 
Student artists researched the local community they randomly selected, and identified landmarks and important visuals to each area which would be represented in the mural. You can see these many landmarks below!
Our community would like to thank Mr. Lenge for heading this project. See the murals below, and learn the names of the artists who designed them!
Drexel Hill by Deanna Osmon '19 and Cesar Kuziw '19
Havertown by Maddie Gannon '19, Ella Cavallaro '19, and Courtney Thornton '19
Lansdowne by Belle Reynolds '19 and Stephen Ropski '19
Sharon Hill by Jocelyn Larkin '19 and Jordan Holmes '19
Collingdale by Dillon Burke '19  and Jake Saunders '19
Media by Anna Beynon '19 and Hannah Bierling '19
Darby by Eric Monaghan '19 and Derrick Garrison  '19
Ardmore by Mary Sullivan '19 and Arvin Sequeira '19