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Diploma Form requesting copy

In accordance with the Family Educational Right and Privacy Act, copies of diplomas will not be processed without the appropriate signature.  Missing signatures or lack of payment will cause delays in processing. 

Please allow time 4-6 weeks to process this request. NOTE: All Diplomas will have the signatures of the current Administration. Unfortunately the company is unable to use the names of our Leaders from previous years

If you need diploma immediatly for employment, please follow up with employer to determine if a official transcript would work in place of copy of diploma.  The processing time is much quicker. 

Any questions should be directed to Joanne Ancone in the Main Office [email protected] or 610-259-0280 x1312

Please provide current information so diploma is mailed to proper address:  

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The following information pertains to your years in High School: 

School of which you are requesting copy of diploma*
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There is a $32.50 fee for each diploma and $42.50 for each the diploma and cover.  If you need multiple copies please fill out a request for each.  When this form is completed, a link will be emailed to you directly for you to make an immediate payment.  

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