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Transcript Form

In accordance with the Family Educational Right and Privacy Act, transcripts will not be processed without the appropriate signature.  Missing signatures or lack of payment will cause delays in processing. 

Please allow time to process this request. Any questions should be directed to Joanne Ancone in the Main Office [email protected] or 610-259-0280

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The following information pertains to your years in High School: 

For those that completed and graduated please provide year; in the case of those who did not graduation, please provide last year attended.  Bonner & Prendie also stores transcripts for members of the St. James Alumni.  Please indicate by checking box below.

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There is a $5.00 fee for each transcript.  If you need multiple transcripts please fill out a request for each.  When this form is completed, a link will be emailed to you directly for you to make an immediate payment.  

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