Dear Bonner & Prendie Moms,

The Mothers Club Board welcomes you to a new academic year and looks forward to all of the good things that will take place in the school community where believers are leaders

We send a special welcome to the Moms of the Class of 2022 and to Moms of transfer students.  We hope that you will accept our invitation to become involved in the activities sponsored by the Mothers Club.

The Mothers Club has two goals; to provide opportunities for the Moms in our school community to relax, have fun, and get to know one another better, and to raise funds to be used to support programs or make improvements in the school that benefit the students.

Over the last three years the Mothers Club, in partnership with the Fathers Club, has installed ceiling fans in all of the second and third floor classrooms.  Last year’s project was a display case outside the Student Affairs Office which showcases student events and accomplishments throughout the school year.

Family traditions are strong at Bonner & Prendie.  We are looking forward to seeing you at our events this year.   We hope that our efforts on behalf of the students will help to enrich our wonderful school community!

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