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Mr. Alejandro Wences


Mr. Alejandro Wences

610-259-0280 Ext. 3263
Serving Bonner & Prendergast since: 2019

Education History

B.A. Haverford College

Personal Information

Mr. Wences graduated with a BA in Political Science from Haverford College, where he found his passion for mentorship and supporting others in their journeys toward adulthood. While in college, he served multiple roles as a mentor for first-years from a range of backgrounds or with Black men from the local community. Mr. Wences has also worked in college admission guidance through the DC Public Schools District and at Haverford's admission office where he continued to nurture this interest he has in making higher education more accessible to underrepresented populations. He looks forward to sharing his passion for supporting students in their college & career goals with the Bonner & Prendergast community!

Why Bonner & Prendergast?

When he had his first meeting at Bonner & Prendie, he was amazed to see the personal ties that exists between the faculty and staff that truly makes it into a welcoming and safe environment. He was also amazed by the level of support that exists for the students, with multiple guidance team members serving different roles of support. Mr. Wences finds himself blessed every morning that he walks through the Bonner & Prendie doors, and he is excited to bring his energy here so that he can best support the students here in their pursuit of college or future careers.