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Mr. Mitch Vannello '85


Mr. Mitch Vannello, ’85
Email: [email protected]
Serving Bonner & Prendergast since: 2007

Education History

B.A. Temple University
M.A. Temple University

Personal Information

Mr. Vanello always had passions for sports, baseball, and history, but he became a teacher by accident. After being injured when playing minor league baseball, he began coaching and discovered that the school where he was coaching, Holy Child, needed a kindergarten teacher. He loved being with kids and spent 4 years teaching kindergarten, 3 years in the primary grades, 2 years in 7 and 8th grade, and finally as Head of School for the middle school for 1.5 years. In 2003, he went to graduate school to earn two master's degrees- one in history and one in kinesiology for strength and conditioning.
The next phase of Mr. Vanello's career gave him the opportunity to build gyms and start a strength and conditioning business. Bill Brannick, the principal of Bonner & Prendie, Mr. Vanello's alma mater, at the time, contacted him about applying for a part-time history position and building a gym for the school. Working here gives him the opportunity to explore his passions and share his gifts and talents with his students.

Why Bonner & Prendergast?

Thinking back to his years at Monsignor Bonner High School, Mr. Vanello cites Mr. (later Father) Denny as having a great impact on him, and he fondly remembers Father Atkinson. It is a cool experience for Mr. Vanello, who grew up in Lansdowne and still lives in the community, to teach at his alma mater, especially since many of the teachers he knew in high school were still working here when he joined the faculty. He also loves that many students that he trains as part of his strength and conditioning program choose to attend Bonner & Prendie.