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Deacon John Rodgers '67


Deacon John Rodgers, ’67
Email: [email protected]
Serving Bonner & Prendergast since: 1995

Education History

B.A. Villanova University
M.A. Villanova University


“unofficial” School Photographer

Personal Information

Deacon John was ordained a Permanent Deacon by Archbishop Chaput on June 1, 2013. His primary diaconate assignment is St. Colman Parish in Ardmore, but Deacon John will use this gift to benefit the Bonner & Prendie community. Besides his 6 years of preparation for the diaconate at St. Charles Seminary, Deacon John has a B.A. in English and an M.A in Religious Education from Villanova University. For twenty years Deacon John served as a teacher and administrator at Bishop Kenrick High School. Coming to Prendie, in 1995, Deacon John was appointed the Athletic Director. During his term as athletic director, he was certified by the state athletic directors’ organization (PSADA) and also served as President of the Philadelphia Catholic League.  Presently Deacon John is a full-time Theology teacher and the “unofficial” school photographer.  Two particular highlights for Deacon John were being named the Prendie Teacher of the Year in 1997 and receiving the St. Augustine Medal in 2011.

Why Bonner & Prendergast?

Both my wife and I had the opportunity to attend both Bonner and Prendergast. It is a tremendous privilege to once again be a member of this family. And family it is! That is why Bonner & Prendie is a special place – it is not just a school but a home for teachers, staff, and most especially our students.