Class Retreats
Days of Retreat are scheduled annually for each of the classes. The Retreat Day is first and foremost a Spiritual Exercise, an opportunity for the student to grow deeper in relationship with Jesus Christ. It provides an opportunity for the students to reflect on their own faith life, and to look more closely at their relationship with the Lord as well as with their peers. It is a function of Monsignor Bonner & Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School and all rules and regulations apply. Participation in the Retreat Day is a requirement for all students. Students who are absent on the day of their class’s retreat day must attend the next scheduled retreat.

Senior Retreats
– Cost of the retreat is $200 (Can be paid in the Tuition Office)
– Retreat Forms are available in the Ministry Office, Room 122
Overnight Senior Retreat:
The retreat is a spiritual exercise in which provides the opportunity to deepen one’s relationship with God, with others and with themselves, through reflection, prayer and the Sacraments.
Seniors are invited to apply for the optional overnight Senior Retreat on a first come, first served basis. Application does not guarantee a place on the retreat. Factors such as grades and discipline may be considered before a student is permitted to participate in the overnight retreat.
In-School Retreats
The Dress Code & Instructions for in school Retreats is:
  • Khakis, Jeans or sweatpants; no shorts
  • Prendergast/Bonner&Prendie Shirt for Girls
  • Bonner/Bonner&Prendie Shirt for Boys
  • Sneakers or casual shoes; no sandals or flipflops
Students must report to their normal Homeroom Locations by 7:50 AM:
  • Dismissal for the day will be at 12 PM.
  • Students should bring a pen or pencil.