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Academics » Rising Freshmen Math and Science Readiness Summer Packet

Rising Freshmen Math and Science Readiness Summer Packet


Physics 9 is a math based science course in which we see the need for your child(ren) to be abreast on the material listed on the next few pages. The attached packet is for students to complete over the summer and bring with them on the first day of class to be assessed accordingly. All work is to be completed on loose leaf. Final answers for each calculation problem should be boxed. Graphing problems must be completed on graph paper. This packet will be reviewed during the first few weeks of school. Since each lesson in the course contains some type of mathematical reference, this packet will be referred to during the entire school year. We advise all students to secure this packet.

Each section of the packet is clearly headed, followed by instructions, and a Khan Academy video explaining how to solve each problem or expression. For further clarification, you can create a Khan Academy account at to view endless math equations, problems, and expressions.  

Parents, thank you in advance for assuring your child(ren) will complete this packet before school begins. Students, we look forward to seeing you in September.

Have a great summer,

Ms. Wiley
Science Department Chair