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The Fri-Pan POV

Welcome to the Fri-Pan POV - a blog created by students featuring the point of view of students and alumni staff members as they navigate the halls of Bonner & Prendie daily. Each story and graphic was created by a member of Bonner & Prendie's Print & Journalism class and seeks to capture voices that represent the different experiences our students and alumni have created for themselves along their journeys here.
Altogether, we hope these stories inspire you as you chart your own course here with us!
Bonner and Prendie: A Second Home
By: Logan Peterson '23
Grace McBlain Title Card

Where did you go to elementary school?
I attended Saint Eugene Catholic School.

What is your favorite subject and why?
My favorite subject is math because it is very straightforward. The teachers are great and help you fully understand what you are learning.

What activities are you involved in at Bonner & Prendie, and what is the best lesson you have learned? 
I am part of CSC, ASL, Panda Pride, National Honors Society, and the swim team. A good lesson. I learned was time management. Participating in multiple clubs, being on the swim team and handling school can be a lot to manage, so learning how to manage my time was very helpful.

What is your favorite Bonner & Prendie event and memory?
My favorite Bonner & Prendie event is the Souper Bowl for Caring soup collection because it is a fun and competitive way to give back and help the hungry. My favorite memory at Bonner & Prendie are the football games because everyone comes together as a school community and they are a lot of fun.
What do you hope to do after Bonner & Prendie? How did Bonner & Prendie
prepare you for this endeavor?
After Bonner & Prendie, I hope to do something with physical therapy. Bonner & Prendie has helped prepare me because the guidance counselors have helped me look for schools that meet my interests, and the teachers have helped me learn skills I will need in my everyday life.
Why did you choose Bonner & Prendie?
When it came down to choosing a high school, I knew it would be Bonner & Prendie. My family went here and spoke so highly of it. I loved the family aspect of the community and how important tradition is to the school.
About The Class President
By: Maddie Reavey '22

Where did you attend elementary school?
I attended St. Eugene Catholic School in Primos.

What is your favorite subject and why?
My favorite subject in school is Street Law. I enjoy this class because I am interested in the topics
we learn like the justice system. I also like the way that this class is taught.

What activities are you involved in at Bonner & Prendie? What is your favorite memory or
lesson/skill learned?
At Bonner & Prendie, I am involved in Student Council and Community Service Club. I am
also a member of the Varsity Football team. My favorite memory is when the football team won
the City Championship this year because the last time that championship was won was 60
years ago.

What is your favorite Bonner & Prendie event?
My favorite event so far at Bonner & Prendie was my junior prom. I enjoyed spending the night
with my friends and classmates. I also like other events that involve being with my class.
What do you hope to do after Bonner & Prendie? How did Bonner & Prendie prepare you
for this endeavor?
After my time at Bonner & Prendie, I am going into the army. Bonner & Prendie helped prepare
me for this because of the structure of the school and the discipline that is expected from me
and all the students. The rules are always enforced, and the teachers are treated with respect.
Settling Into a New School
By: Ashley Lewis '25

Where did you go to elementary school?

I went to St. Bernadette and Hillcrest School.

What is your favorite subject and why?

My favorite subject is English-Language Arts because I love to read and write. Having ELA at Bonner & Prendie has made me more interested in the subject than ever before.

What activities are you involved in at Bonner & Prendie, and what is the best lesson you have learned?

I am part of the field hockey, swim and lacrosse teams. I am also in the DJ Club. My favorite memories doing these activities is meeting everyone on the teams and seeing how welcoming the Bonner & Prendie community is. 

What is your favorite Bonner & Prendie event and memory?

My favorite event and memory is going to the football games. It was a great experience being part of the student sections!

What do you hope to do after Bonner & Prendie?

After my time at Bonner & Prendie, I would like to attend college and become a lawyer. 

A Man of Many Musical Talents
By: Haley Price '22
Where did you go to elementary school?
- I attended Saint Laurence School for my academic years prior to B&P.

What is your favorite subject and why?
- My favorite subject is English-Language Arts because I love reading, writing, and the
concepts of ELA. It is my strong suit, and that’s why it’s my favorite subject.

What activities are you involved in at Bonner & Prendie and your favorite memory?
- I’m involved in Choir, Theater, NHS, DJ Club, Community Service Club, Theater, and
Swim. My favorite memory was my first Choir Cabaret during my freshman year.

What is your favorite Bonner & Prendie event?
- My favorite Bonner and Prendie event is Dance-4-A-Cause.

What do you hope to do after Bonner & Prendie, and how did Bonner & Prendie prepare you for this endeavor?
- After I graduate, I plan to attend the University of the Arts. While I’m there, I’ll be
studying Musical Theater and Music Composition. Mrs. Green, the choir teacher, has
immensely prepared me for this next step in my life, and I greatly appreciate her.
Making the Most of Every Experience
By: Genevieve Marvil-Arakelian '23
Where did you go to elementary school?
I attended Sacred Heart School in Havertown.
What is your favorite subject?
My favorite subject is Math because of the problem solving required. I also like that there are set processes needed to find the solution.
What activities are you involved in?
I am involved in Crew, Soccer, Softball, Mathletes, Mock Trial, Student Council, Choir, Hi-Q, NHS, Girl Up, Panda Pride, Pause for a Cause, Anti Bullying, and CSC. I like to be busy, and I enjoy collaborative work and the environment of the school's clubs. It is also great spending time with teachers and friends.
What are your goals after graduation?
After Bonner & Prendie, I hope to attend nursing school and become a NICU nurse. My mom is a nurse, and I like science and medicine
What have you learned most from your time at Bonner & Prendie?
Bonner & Prendie has molded me into a caring person who collaborates and has a hardworking mindset. Being involved here has especially taught me time management and leadership skills which are critical for the healthcare field.
Preparing for the Future 
By: Arlo Cross '25
Where did you go to elementary school?
The elementary school that I went to was Drexel Neumann Academy in Chester.
What is your favorite subject and why?
My favorite subject is ELA. ELA is my favorite subject because I love learning about grammar and improving my own writing, and our class helps me talk using proper sentences when I’m talking to someone.
What activities are you involved in at Bonner & Prendie? Do you have a favorite memory from your time here so far?
The activities that I’m involved in are the Video Game Club, DJ Club, and Movie Club. My favorite memory was in the first Video Game Club meeting when I was playing Call of Duty with some new friends I made.
What is your favorite Bonner & Prendie event so far?
My favorite Bonner & Prendie event was the Rosary Rally.

What do you hope to do after Bonner & Prendie, and how did Bonner & Prendie prepare you for the endeavor?
I’m hoping that I can go to college after Bonner & Prendie. Bonner & Prendie has been preparing me so far to become a respectful adult with a solid character, and Bonner & Prendie will help prepare me for the next three years so I can be ready for the adventures ahead.
A Family Legacy
By: R. John "Jack" Habicht

Where did you go to elementary school? 

Drexel Hill Middle School


What is your favorite subject and why? 

My favorite subject is history because I️ love learning about the past and how the world we live in came to be. 


What activities are you involved in at Bonner & Prendie? 

I am involved in the musicals, Soccer, Crew, ASL, Student Council, Mathletes, Anti-Bullying, CSC, Mock Trial, and Speak Up Leadership. 


What is your favorite event and memory from your time here so far?

My favorite memory is hugging my little cousin every night during the Anastasia curtain call. My favorite event was homecoming and my favorite memory from that event was dancing with my friends! 


What do you hope to do after Bonner & Prendie? How did Bonner & Prendie prepare them for this endeavor?

I hope to become a lawyer after Bonner & Prendie. I prepare for this endeavor by taking advantage of academic and extracurricular opportunities and by taking challenging classes that let me push myself to higher academic levels.


Why did you choose Bonner & Prendie?

I chose Bonner & Prendie because of the long line of my family members who graduated from this school. Having many of my family members attend Bonner & Prendie means so much to me because I can follow in the footsteps of the people I have looked up to my entire life and share in the traditions that they participated in and cherished. I am grateful for every second I get to share in my family legacy here at Bonner & Prendie. 

From the Classroom to the Field
 By: Catherine Donnelly '23
What grade school did you go to, and why did you choose to come to Bonner & Prendie?
I went to Colonial Middle School in Plymouth Meeting, PA. I then attended La Salle College High School for the first part of my freshman year. I chose Bonner & Prendie because when I was looking to transfer, it felt like home. Everyone was so welcoming and respectful, and I knew this school was going to set me up for my future. For me, I want to go to a good college after graduationand end up playing professional baseball.
What are you involved in at Bonner and Prendie, and what is your favorite memory from your time here?I am on the Varsity Baseball team at Bonner & Prendie. My favorite memory at Bonner and Prendie was the baseball season and meeting new people throughout the year.
What is your favorite subject and why?My favorite subject is Math because when I learn new concepts, everything just clicks with me.What makes the baseball team stand out at Bonner and Prendie? 
The Baseball team has a lot of great coaches and even better kids. When I first transferred to Bonner & Prendie they made me feel really special and part of their family right away. My favorite baseball memory on the field that stands out was our game against O'Hara. I was playing while I was sick, but it was one of my best games of the year.What advice would you give to future Bonner & Prendie students?
I would tell them continue to pursue their dreams and work hard through the tough times because everything happens for a reason.
A Fresh Start
By: Seneca Richardson '22
Starting fresh in her senior year at Bonner & Prendie, Sania Oglesby, the only senior transfer from the
former John W. Hallahan Catholic High School, is proud to be a student at Bonner & Prendie.

Where do you live and what middle school did you attend?
I was born and raised in the West Philadelphia area. I went to Robert E. Lamberton Middle School and then went to Hallahan for high school. My grandmother went to school year, and she passed away when I was younger, so my mom and I felt it would be special for me to follow in her footsteps. 

What extracurricular activities you are involved in? What is your role in these organizations?
I am a member of the yearbook staff and hope to help start an entrepreneur club. I like yearbook because we can all contribute ideas to a lasting piece of school history.

What do you enjoy most about being a student here?
I really love the school spirit and how everyone is involved in multiple sports and activities. We did not have an athletic field at Hallahan because we were in the city, so I really enjoy being on a true campus and participating in school events. I also am glad that I made new friends, and the students warmly welcomed me here.

Why did you choose to come here?
When my school closed, I knew that I wanted to stay in the Catholic school setting, and Bonner & Prendie was the closest school to me. There were more reasons why I came here, however. I came here for a visit with my friend who also ended up transferring here, and we fell in love with the campus. Once I stepped inside this school, I knew it was the right choice for me. It was so exciting to have a fresh start.
What has been your favorite memory here?
I LOVED seeing Anastasia because I love everything about show business. I was glued to my seat!
Making the Most of Every Experience
By: Anthony Ferretti '23
Kyle Kirk
Change of Scenery
By: Sania Oglesby '22

Where did you go to elementary school?

I went to Harambee Institute and Parkway Center City High School, but during my junior year after the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was looking for a change in environment and new opportunities. My best friend, Sania Oglesby '22, was also looking for a new school after John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls' High School closed, so we both were looking at schools with great reputations, curriculum, and graduation rates. We both realized that Bonner & Prendie met that criteria and was a perfect fit.

When did you realize that Bonner & Prendie was the school you wanted to attend?

The minute we walked inside and were greeted by Mr. Walsh, we felt welcomed here and like we were home. Mr. Walsh gave us a personal tour of the building, and I saw that this school was like a family. I had never experienced that before at school, and I am loving my year here.

What is your favorite subject and how has it prepared you for your future endeavors?

My favorite class is Street Law because I want to be a lawyer and it feels nice getting a head start by taking a law

Class. We have learned about the types of crimes and penalties, criminal and civil law, and different types of psychology. This class confirmed my interest in criminal justice and law, and after graduation, I will be attending Temple University for Criminal Justice.

What activities are you involved in at Bonner & Prendie?

I am on the yearbook staff, and we have a great a class with a great teacher. It is a more creative class and a nice break in the day where learn about journalism, design, and creative writing. It opened my mind artistically. Additionally, my favorite memory is attending the football games because our school has a strong spirit!

Getting Involved in School
By: Cate Donnelly '23
In this story, Nick Kaeser, '23 shares his experiences being part of a multitude of clubs and sports while managing his education on top of it. He also shared that Bonner & Prendie is the key to future success with preparing for college and gaining life skills.

Where did you go to elementary school?
I went to St. James Regional Catholic School in Ridley Park.

What is your favorite subject and why?
My favorite subject at Bonner & Prendie is Personal Finance with Mr. Bruno. Mr. Bruno is the reason I love the class because he is easy to talk to and makes the class really fun!

What activities are you involved in at Bonner & Prendie, and what is your favorite memory? 
The activities that I am involved in are Stage Crew, and I have been the Student Manager of since freshman year, CSC (Community Service Club), Tennis, and Bowling. My favorite memory was the final show of Little Shop of Horrors during my sophomore year because I felt accomplished knowing that all of my hard work paid off.

What is your favorite Bonner & Prendie event?
My favorite event is homecoming. My favorite memory from homecoming was when all of my friends got into a circle at the end of the dance and swayed to the slow song. It felt special to me because we haven't been together as a school community for homecoming in a year.
Take 3
By: Erin O'Brien '22
Senior Spotlight
By: Danny Hunt '23
How Can She Keep from Singing?
By: Jack Habicht '23
Coming Home to B&P
By: Gabrielle Dushkewich '22
Mr. Luke
What was your time like at Monsignor Bonner High School?
Most of my family attended Bonner & Prendie, so I appreciated the community aspect. I also had a pre-existing understanding of all of the traditions because I witnessed them through my family. It felt like a safe environment for both students and teachers.
What were you involved in while you were here? This includes sports, arts, and extracurriculars.
I was also involved in Yearbook (the Bon-Aire at the time). I drew caricatures of many teachers at the time. I believe that this was my biggest claim to fame because they were very popular among the students. I was involved in 6 out of 8 musicals that were done, and I was the innkeeper when we did Les Mis
What did you study after high school, and what inspired you to study that?
I started with education, but I was undecided on whether or not I wanted to be an English or a history teacher. 

When did you know that you wanted to be a teacher? Did anyone influence this?
Mr Fry - My sophomore year chemistry teacher. He always looked like he was having fun even though I wasn’t into science. He was definitely a huge influence on me when thinking about what I wanted to do.
Are you happy that you went to Bonner when it was a separate school? Does this inform your perspective because you've experienced both Bonner and Bonner & Prendie? 
I feel that I understand the traditions much better than people who have not seen them. It was easier being around only guys, but it definitely had its downfalls as well, by not talking to girls, etc. Overall, I don’t really think about it much.
4 Years Later
By: Isabella Peterson '22
Senior Nick Bozzetto shares about how he spent the last four years playing football here at Bonner & Prendie and how he plans to continue playing for the next four.

What middle school did you go to?
I went to Drexel Hill Middle School.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in and what is your role in these
I am involved in football and I am a 3 time All-Catholic and a Senior Captain. I have been playing football for 8 years, and here at Bonner & Prendie, I played on the freshman team during freshman year and played on the varsity team since sophomore year. I felt really prepared to play football in college because of our intense and focused practices. Also, Coach Muldoon, Coach Rob, and Coach Magee really pushed me and supported me as a member of the team.

What are you planning to do after high school?
After high school, I plan to play football in college and get a degree in criminal justice. I am going to be playing football at West Chester University.

What is your favorite subject in school?
My favorite subject is History. My favorite course is Street Law with Mr. Smith because he is a very engaging teacher. This course inspired me to pursue a career in criminal justice. I would love to become an agent or something in the law enforcement field. 

What do you enjoy most about being a student here?
I enjoy the family style community here at Bonner and Prendie, and I am especially grateful for the alumni who
support our school and allow us to continue to experience the traditions they once experienced.

Why did you choose to come here and why would you recommend Bonner and Prendie to a
prospective student?
I chose to attend Bonner & Prendie because I have a lot of family who are alumni of both Bonner and Prendie. I would recommend Bonner and Prendie to a prospective student because of the atmosphere you get to experience here.
Panda Pause: Mrs. Georgine Rickards '78
By: Arlo Cross '25

Mrs. Rickards, what role does Advancement have in a school? 

Advancement is fundraising; going out and getting donations for students and the school. Advancement is responsible for expanding the development of the school in several ways including fundraising, annual giving, building relationships with donors and alumni.  As a team, we coordinate planning that will result in donations for tuition assistance and other needs of the school. We also focus on alumni relations which involve bringing back our alumni and showing them what a great school we have with the hopes that they will want to support Bonner & Prendie. For example, the Advancement office reaches out to donors to host events such as the Benefactor Reception where the donors and students get to know each other.

What was your favorite Prendie memory? 

I loved specific events like Ring Day, and making friends. Ring Day was very special because it represented the sisterhood of the girls at Prendie. We received the same ring which unified us - our rings are quite unique. Ring Day ended with a fun dance where we could celebrate with our friends.   

What is your role in Advancement, and what do you like most about that field?

I work within a great team, and we support each other and help each other with many of our daily tasks. We spend time talking with donors, setting up events, and encourage alumni and donors to provide donations that will help our school. I also spend a lot of time on the computer -  recording gifts, updating alumni information and working on communications.  My favorite part of the job is meeting so many generous donors and listening to their stories of why they give back to B&P. Also, being able to help students and their families with financial assistance is rewarding.

What made you want to work here? 

I was looking to make a change in my career. I had worked in financial services, so thought this would be a good fit. I also thought it would be interesting and fun to work at the place I went to high school. I heard there was a opening at the school in the finance area and thought my experience would be helpful.

What are your hobbies? 

My favorite thing to do is go down the Jersey Shore. I love reading on the beach, but ever since my grandson was born, I rather play with him on the beach!

Looking Back
By: Arthur Dreger '22
Panda Pause: Ms. Sarah Monaghan '14
By: Seneca Richardson '22 & Sania Oglesby '22
What year did you graduate from Prendie?

I was in the graduating Class of 2014

What is your most memorable event that happened at Prendie that no one would think about?

In the spring of my senior year, all of the girls in my class had a senior sleepover in the Prendie building. We all slept in the library, but we were able to explore the building throughout the night and hear all of the stories about the building's history.

What traditions did you miss from Prendie once combining schools?

I really miss the all girls environment.

Do you have any friends from Prendie that you still communicate with?

All of my friends are from Bonner and Prendie! Everyone in my grade school went to Prendie. I coach basketball with one of my best friends, and my other best friend coaches softball here as well. The alumni are very strong, and the school’s spirit draws us all back

Who was your favorite teacher, and what life lesson did they teach you?

Believe it or not, Mr. Thomas Stewart '64 was my favorite teacher during my time at Prendie. He taught me to make the most of every opportunity and the importance of being someone people can rely on.

What inspired you to come back to this school?

The family atmosphere inspired me to come back. My whole family has gone through Bonner and Prendie, I grew up coming to Bonner football games, and it has always been a second home to me. I love being a part of this school community. 

What change would you like to see in the next 5 years?

It's not so much that I would like to see change but to see our traditions stay alive. Keeping our traditions is very important to me.

What would be your best advice for seniors?

My best advice is to deal with adversity head on, things are not always going to go as planned and that's okay. Always remember it's either a lesson or a blessing. 

Friar Focus: Mr. Tom Light '76
By: Arlo Cross '25
Mr. Light

What made you want to come back to Bonner & Prendie, and what do you like most about this job?

Well, most of my family graduated from Bonner & Prendie, so I have a close relationship to this school. I remained close with many Augustinians who once worked here as well. After I retired from a long career in construction, I needed to do something, so I talked to Dr. Cooke because there was an opportunity to work here.

What are some of the biggest projects you have built or repaired at Bonner & Prendie?

The biggest one that I did myself is the new alumni conference room. That required taking what used to be the old chapel outside the auditorium and renovating it to make it a conference room. Other projects I have worked on include renovating the locker rooms, integrating items from the Prendie building including the bell and statues from their chapel, and redesigning the hallway outside the Father Atkinson Center.

Who works with you on the facilities team?

I have one assistant that works with me, and his name is Bob Shay. He is a big help with working with my projects. Sometimes I prefer to be alone because I can focus better when I’m by myself, but with some heavy objects it’s nice to have help. I also work alongside Mr. McKenzie, and the three of us oversee facilities projects. We have a strong team, and each of us bring our individual experiences to our work.

What are your hobbies?

I always loved building things and fixing stuff, and that’s what I do in my spare time.

A Little Bit of Everything
By: Joseph Gross '23
Where did you go to elementary school?
I went to Saint Dorothy Catholic School in Drexel Hill.

What is your favorite subject and why?
ELA is my favorite because it is an open door for creative ideas and unique interpretations. It is also fun to write and
explore new perspectives based on the viewpoints of others.

What activities are you involved in at Bonner & Prendie?
I am involved in sports and activities such as Crew, Cross Country, Track, Tennis, and school musicals. I am
also involved in after school clubs like CSC, mathletes, anti-bullying, Chess and Board Game Club, NHS,
Student Council, and yearbook!

What is your favorite Bonner & Prendie event and memory?
My favorite event is Dance 4 a Cause because it is a good way to have fun while knowing you are
making a good choice for the world. My favorite memory from the times I attended Dance 4 a Cause
was getting closer to many of my friends.

What do you hope to do after Bonner & Prendie? How did Bonner & Prendie prepare you
for this endeavor?
I hope to go to college and study civil engineering. Bonner & Prendie prepares me for my goals by
teaching me the necessary skills of scheduling, multitasking, and responsibility. Also, I learned
critical math and writing skills that will prepare me well for my career.
Panda Pause: Ms. Tara George Basile
By: Julia Dwyer '22
Are you an alumna of Bonner and Prendie?
YES - Class of 1986

If so, what is one thing you miss that you had when you attended here?
My Dad!

What guided you to begin your career at B&P and the department you are in?
I have been in fundraising and alumni relations since I was a college student at Rosemont College. I worked in the financial aid office at the college - I had a job on campus - and that is where I was assigned. I have been in this career ever since. I found my way back to B&P after a Prendie classmate urged me to meet with Dr. Cooke. He was looking for a new director for advancement.I met with Dr. Cooke and some board members, and it happened. Their vision and work ethic made me want to be a part of this team.

What is your favorite part about your spot here?
My favorite (and physical part) about my spot here is my spot of the building, where I can look out and see the courtyard and stations of the cross right from my window. It is the most beautiful spot on campus.
Panda Pause: Mrs. Joanne Rogers Dolan '84
By: Isabella Peterson '22
Joanne dolan
What aspects of Bonner & Prendie drew you back to working here?
In October 2016, the Assistant Admissions Director position became available and I was offered the job. My daughter Riley was a senior at B&P and I knew my daughter Reagan would be joining the B&P family in September 2017 so it was an easy decision for me to accept the position. I couldn't wait to be back on campus as part of the administrative team and be part of my daughter's time here at B&P.

As an alumna, how have you taken past experiences and incorporated them into your
work here and Bonner & Prendie?
As a Prendie Alum, sharing my "sisterhood" experiences and encouraging current students to get involved in the "sisterhood" and "brotherhood" here is very easy to do. I encourage students to get involved, play sports, join the shows, help at open houses, be a fan at the basketball games....all the things I did in high school which allowed me to have amazing experiences during my 4 years and most importantly it's how I bonded with my lifelong friends.
What made you want to become a Field Hockey Coach? Did you use to play for Prendie
when you went there?
I was an All-Catholic player at Archbishop Prendergast in the '80s. I was an All-PSAC player at Kutztown University in the '80 and was selected to the 80's All-Decade Team. I have been coaching Field Hockey since 1997. I started the CYO program at St. Pius X in Broomall and coached there for 15+ years before coming to B&P when our daughter Riley was a freshman in 2013. I am a very passionate coach who enjoys teaching players the value of being a team player, being a leader, working together on/off the field and preparing players for life outside of sport. These are lessons that can be taken with my players forever. I truly believe as a coach, you're on the clock 24/7. By working at B&P as the Asst. Admissions Director, I have the opportunity to never stop being a mentor to my players. I am always here for them if they reach out for help and I love when they stop in my office just to chat and hang out.

What are some of your favorite memories from working here?
Working in the Admissions office with Mr. Walsh and our team makes coming to work every day fun and very enjoyable. We really have the best job in the building - - selling our school and everything that's great about it to potential students and their families. I have enjoyed being a senior Retreat leader 4 times. Every time is a different experience and I love the bonds I have made with the girls in my small groups. The friendships I've made with the other group leaders are very special. I love coaching field hockey and will never forget winning the PCL championship in 2017 with an amazing group of players (especially my daughter Reagan).
What is your favorite part of being an Admissions worker?
Working at, what I consider, the greatest school with the best faculty, staff and students in the area! I also really enjoy visiting other schools and meeting their students who might someday join the B&P family.
Panda Pause: Sister Anne Christine Kalbron '61
By: Haley Price '22
What was your time like when you were in high school at Prendie?
My time at Prendie was amazing and I loved every moment of it. It was exciting, challenging, and an age of discovery for me.
Who was your biggest influence/mentor when you were in high school?
My math teachers were my biggest influence when I was at Prendie. They were Sisters of St. Joseph and they truly helped me through some hard times. I was fairly good at math, so they pushed me to challenge myself.
What was your favorite thing you experienced at Prendie when you were in high school?
My friends were definitely my favorite thing I experienced here. I still keep in touch with a lot of them and sometimes we get together during the summer. It is always very nice getting to see my friends when we gather to see each other.

Why did you want to come back to work at B&P?
There were a set of circumstances that provided me with this opportunity. My mom’s health wasn’t the best at the time, and I needed to be closer to home. When I came to see Father Olsen, he gave me four areas I could work in: Development, Ministry, Guidance, and Admissions. I decided that Admissions and Guidance would be where I stayed. Coming back was truly my “Coming Home.”
What were you involved in during your time at Prendie?
I was on the softball team, bowling team, and ran for student council. At the time when I was in high school if you belonged to a major activity you weren’t allowed to join anything else. They wanted to make sure everyone was getting involved in school.
How did your experiences as a former student at Prendie influence your current work here now?
It has helped me understand where the students are coming from in situations. I am nonjudgmental and let them tell me whatever they would like to share with me. I’ve always been very good with people so it was just right for me.
Friar Focus: Mr. Thomas Stewart '64
By: Ryan Gullatt '25
What made you want to play basketball?
When I was growing up, I played every sport during every season. I was involved in football, basketball, swimming, and golf. I was fairly athletic and enjoyed playing basketball the most, and my parents even put a basketball court in our backyard. I played basketball in college as a point guard and coached for 25 years at Saint James High School for Boys in Chester.

How has your coaching style changed since you first started?
At first, I was overeager. I would practice on Thanksgiving because I was so sure one more day would help. As I got older, I continued to have high expectations, but I became less demanding and more understanding. As a coach, I am a strong believer in the fundamentals of the game of basketball, even as the game has changed over the years. We rely on those skills in every game. To me, it's not all about winning. The team is like my second family because of all the time we spend together.
How long have you been coaching basketball?
I have coached for 52 years (head coach for 47 years), and 28 of them have been at Prendie and Bonner & Prendie. My goals as a coach are to help them become better players and teammates. 

Are you involved in any other sports or activities?
At Saint James, Prendie, and Bonner & Prendie, I coached golf, softball, and swimming. In my own free time, I enjoy golfing with my friends and spending time with my family. I am the grandfather of 7, and my wife and I are very present in their lives.

Panda Pause: Mrs. Allie Capone Esquivel '90
By: Alyssa White '22
Are you a B&P alum? If not, what high school did you attend?
Yes- Class of '90
What was your experience in high school like?
Awesome, each and every year. I was involved in clubs- Respect Life & CSC, and I was the president of my senior year. It was the best of both worlds. I also played field hockey.
Why did you choose to work here at Bonner & Prendie?
It is funny how life is sometimes, how things work out, how things come in full circle. An opportunity presented itself that I could not pass up. It came at the most opportune time in my life, and I would not have chosen any other place to be.
How has being part of this community benefited you?
The Bonner & Prendie community has truly become my second home. After 20 plus years, how could it not?
What is your favorite part about teaching?
My favorite part about teaching, I would have to say, is watching the students grow from freshmen into seniors. Watching them figure things out, advocating for themselves, and guiding them along the way into young adults, and finally seeing them decide on what they will bet doing after they graduate is a very special experience. It makes me feel so proud. 
Panda Pause: Mrs. Denise McKenzie '69
By: Maddie Reavey '22

What made you come back to work at Bonner Prendie?
I taught at St. Laurence for 34 years and retired in 2018. I really did not like retirement, so when I was asked to fill in at the Admissions Office for Miss Light, I thought "sure." Then Miss Light was unable to return, and I was asked to take her place, so here I am.

How does it feel seeing your children and grandchildren experience Bonner Prendie?
Bonner and Prendie was always a second home for our children, especially both auditoriums, as Mr. McKenzie has always been Technical Director of all the shows, even before they were born. So they spent lots of time at both schools before they became students here. I love that they had the wonderful experiences their parents had both on and off the stage as well as other activities. I love being here with our grandchildren. I love/loved watching them become involved, active, caring high schoolers. I was very active when I attended Prendie, especially in theater, so watching our grandkids on stage or working behind the scenes is pure joy. I love that theycan stop by our offices just to say hello or seek us out if they need us.

What are some changes that the school has gone through since you’ve been a student?
I guess besides the co-ed part of it, the biggest change is the relaxation of dress code and following rules. But this is not specific just to our school or education; it is the way the world is. That saddens me. Pride in how you looked, how you represented yourself, your family and your school/business is not held to high standards anymore. I can’t say there is anything that we did back in the late 60’s that is not done now. Except boys and girls can talk to each other. Back in the day, we were barely allowed to look at Bonner boys let alone talk to them.
What are some traditions that you miss the most when you were a student?
If I had to pick one thing I miss is attention to dress code, especially for the girls. Our uniform had to be a certain length and we had a uniform inspection once a month. Wish we had that back!
Panda Pause: Ms. Anne Marie Dolceamore '98
By Isabella Peterson '22
How long have you worked at Bonner & Prendie, and what is your role at our school?
I began working here in 2012 after 10 years as an elementary school teacher at Saint Charles Borromeo in Drexel Hill and Saint Pius X in Broomall. I stayed very close with my classmates at Prendie and knew many alums who are close to my family. My first role was a math teacher, and I then moved into the Advancement Office as Assistant Director and also Director of the realCollege® Partnership Program. Presently, I am the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs and oversee  student dances, clubs, and activities and continue to teach in the math department.
What does an average day for you look like at Bonner & Prendie?
Well, look at my desk! Kidding, of course. There is always so much life on our campus, and it's the energy of our students that really keeps me going each day. They truly love being here, and I work alongside my team to engage them and make their experience at Bonner and Prendie a memorable one. When not in the Student Affairs office or collaborating with the administrative team, I am in the classroom teaching Algebra I.
Bonner & Prendie is often referred to as a family environment. What does the Bonner & Prendie family mean to you?
It truly is a family in a literal sense. My dad is a grad from 1967 and my mom graduated in 1968. My brother graduated in 1992, I graduated in 1998, and my sister in 2004. I am here today as a staff member because of the strong family and community connections that are part of who I am.
What is it like to work at your alma mater?
Some of the happiest years of my life were spent at Prendie, and I do everything I can to make sure our current students have the same wonderful experience my family and I had so that this school can be their second home too.
What was your favorite memory as a student?
One of my favorite memories was performing as one of country singer Kenny Rogers' backup singers at the final show of the Valley Forge Music Fair and then being inducted in the Prendie Hall of Fame as a Kenny Rogers singer! These memories, and so many others, will stay with me forever.
Is there anything else you would like to share with our audience?
Prendie '98 and doin' great!