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Ways to Visit Safely

Prospective Parents,
Welcome! Chances are, if you have selected Ways to Visit Safely Tab, you might be "On-the-Fence" about which school visit is best for your student. This uncertainty is the same uncertainty that has been following us since March of 2020. You are not alone in your concern! We do not know the right answer for each individual family, but we hope to help! This is why Bonner & Prendie is offering synchronous admissions events that allow parents to experience presentations both IN-PERSON or VIRTUALLY, presented live at the same time. 
With both "On-the-Screen" and "On-the-Campus" options for visiting, our hope is to give every parent the chance to build the recruitment season that suits their needs and comfort level best. Only you can determine with what you'll be comfortable. It is important to keep your health a priority, and this is why we have committed to the hybrid events!
So let's get this right. For this first time, YOU can build the path to enrollment that works best for you and your family. I would personally like to invite those "on-the-fence" to contact me and schedule either a phone call or Zoom Meeting call to discuss your student's potential enrollment. This personalized conversation can get your student's journey on the right path from day one. From there, we can discuss what event might suit you best, where you can be most comfortable.
If you would like to speak with an Admissions Representative, you can call 610-259-0280 ext. 3225! We would be happy to schedule an appointment, whether it be over the phone, Zoom, or In-Person! Let's make the most of the uniqueness of this year!
Chart Your Course,
Mr. Patrick Walsh '12
Director of Enrollment Management
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