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The Freshman Voice

The Freshman Voice is a blog for freshmen... by freshmen! Stop letting the adults tell you what it's like! Hear it from the students who just experienced it! The Freshman Voice blog page will be updated every third Wednesday by one of our recent Freshmen students. Their stories are from them, by them! 
MAY 19, 2019--When picking a high school, I was looking for a place that would prepare me for the future, while incorporating my faith, but having fun all at the same time. For me, Bonner & Prendie seemed perfect. As the beginning of the school year approached, I was worried about making new friends, getting to class on time, and opening my locker for the first time. The whole idea of transitioning from grade school into high school made me nervous. The thought of field hockey preseason, and two-a-day practice was frightening. But looking back I had no reason to be nervous or frightened at all.
On the first day of school, walking into homeroom not knowing anyone made me excited and nervous at the same time. So many emotions were racing through me. I sat down in my assigned seat, in between two girls I have never met, and little did I know these girls would be some of my closest friends. As I headed to first period, I was so happy to finally be walking these halls. I was finally a Prendie girl, and that thought put a huge smile on my face.
As I went through my day, I made so many new friends. These girls are still my closest friends and I am beyond excited to see what the future holds for us. As for my locker, I had a little trouble. But every morning my homeroom teacher would help me until I got the hang of it. Getting to classes on time was getting easier and easier, as you quickly discover the quickest way.  
Field Hockey became my favorite part of the day, where I was able to spend time with the best people. Everyone at Bonner & Prendie was on my team, all trying the best they could to help me succeed. Bonner & Prendie has a family aspect like no other. It was a home away from home for many, including myself. If you have a problem with anything, no matter what it may be, everyone is eager to help you. The teachers at Bonner & Prendie want nothing but success and happiness for all their students. The staff will answer any of your questions, big or small. 
After completing my freshman year, I am so excited for the years ahead. Time is already flying by, and I am trying to embrace every moment. People say High School is the best time of your life, and for me and many others, with the help of Bonner & Prendie, it truly will be. - Gracie Miller, 2023