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The Freshman Voice is a blog for freshmen... by freshmen! Stop letting the adults tell you what it's like! Hear it from the students who just experienced it! The Freshman Voice blog page will be updated every third Wednesday by one of our recent Freshmen students. Their stories are from them, by them! 
Freshman Voice
Read our April 2020 Edition
by Colin Finnegan '23 below!
APRIL 3, 2020 - When trying to pick a high school to attend for the next four years there were lots of thoughts that went through my head. Will I struggle with the academic curriculum and not set myself up to be successful in college? Will it be hard to find friends and people that you can trust and have fun with? And most importantly, will it make it easy for my family to go to a school that was more affordable and closer to my house.
I finally decided to choose Bonner & Prendie because of how my brother and sister promoted it and how students in the grade above me (who went to my grade school) pushed me towards the decision.
The first couple of days for me went very well. I was able to meet friends fast because of football and from just being confident and outgoing. If you act the way you do at home and with your close friends, people who have the same personality and interests will want to be friends.
I was given the opportunity to dress for the varsity football team in two playoff games after my freshman season. The team was so welcoming to us and treated me and a couple of the other freshman that were called up like we played all year. When upperclassmen and people you looked up to in 7th or 8th grade talk to you and treat you like a brother it really lifts your spirits.
An important person in my life once told me there is only one way to feel comfortable and it is by getting out of your comfort zone. If you try something new and do it with joy and passion there should be no doubt in anyone's mind that you cannot succeed.
LIV DiBONA - APRIL 3, 2020 - When deciding which high school to attend, I was looking for somewhere where I could continue my academic journey and prepare myself for my future, but also have fun. Bonner & Prendie was the perfect fit for me. The thought of starting at a new school made me feel nervous but excited at the same time. It was scary to think about meeting new people, getting to classes on time, and managing schoolwork on top of extracurriculars. Now looking back I see how I had no reason to be nervous!

Bonner & Prendie has the family atmosphere that makes you feel welcome as soon as you walk through the doors. I remember walking in my very first day of high school to friendly faces welcoming me into my future second home for the next four years. I met so many new people that day and I still remain close with them to this day. It took me a couple of days to adjust to my schedule, but it gets easier as you find the quickest ways to get to each class. 


What also makes the process of a new school easier is getting involved. Playing field hockey really helped me because I had the opportunity of meeting new people before school even started. Joining clubs is just as important because you get to meet people who you share the same interests with


At Bonner & Prendie, everyone is on your side and wants to see you strive for your best work and succeed. I am halfway through my freshman year and I couldn’t be more excited for the next four years!