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The Freshman Voice

The Freshman Voice is a blog for freshmen... by freshmen! Stop letting the adults tell you what it's like! Hear it from the students who just experienced it! The Freshman Voice blog page will be updated every third Wednesday by one of our recent Freshmen students. Their stories are from them, by them! 
Just posted... our August 2019 blog post!
Bella Peterson

AUGUST 21, 2019 - When I was looking for a high school to attend, I looked for a school that would help me prepare for my future, while giving me the best high school experience. Bonner & Prendie was the perfect place for me. The beginning of the year was starting and the thought of it made me nervous but excited at the same time. I was nervous for the transition from grade school to high school, but I was so excited for new friends and so many memories. Volleyball allowed me to meet new friends before school even started. I was nervous that I would be up late getting homework done because I would be going from school to games or practices but it taught me time management. 

         At first you think getting to class will be difficult with crowded hallways but once you find the fastest route to your class you learn there was no reason to be worried. As the day went by, I met new people and some of those people are my closest friends. Don’t worry about having trouble with your locker because your homeroom teacher will help you. 

        I play multiple sports and being a part of the teams are so much fun. You meet new people and make so many memories while doing something you love to do. Going from school to games or practices was always something I looked forward to. The sport teams and the teammates I had at Bonner and Prendie made me feel like I was a part of a family. Bonner and Prendie became my second home I was there from the beginning of the school day to late at night for sport practices. 

        My freshman year is now over and when they say your high school years fly by and for you to not take it for granted--don't--because it feels like just yesterday was the first day of freshman year. I can’t wait to continue going to school here and make so many more memories. With the help of teachers and staff, Bonner and Prendie will make your high school experience amazing. - Bella Peterson '22