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Senior Baccalaureate Masses Remain Single-Gendered

To continue the festivities of graduation week, the Senior Class of 2019 celebrated their separate Baccalaureate masses at Saint Dorothy's Church. The Girls' mass was held on Wednesday, May 5th, and the Boys' on Thursday, May 6th.
At the Girls' Baccalaureate, Father Zaleski traveled back in time for the homily--to kindergarten. Father Zaleski shared basic lessons we all learned at a simpler time... "share, be kind, play fair, do not take from others..." and more! Father reminded us that the roots of young adulthood began with such simple words and expectations, and that the daughters of Prendergast can continue to find meaning in those simple expectations, living out the life Christ has envisioned for them.
At the Boys' Baccalaureate, Deacon Rodgers' homily started with an homage to the song "One Day More" from Les Mis, hinting that "tomorrow"--graduation day--"we'll discover what our God in heaven has in store." Deacon Rodgers then shared memories from the movie Shrek, and lessons from the famed-ogre for our "green" graduates to take with themselves. Deacon reminded the gentlemen of Bonner that they are called to be heroes. 
We would like to especially thank the alumni parents of seniors, who escorted their children down the aisle at mass.