Testimony Needed!

The historical commission for the sainthood cause of Fr. Bill Atkinson,
OSA (1946-2006), seeks information on him from the general public. We
are asking anyone who knew Fr. Atkinson to contact us and relate what
you know about him. No story or encounter is too small. Whether you met
him at Msgr. Bonner High School or at Archbishop Prendergast High
School, or at any of the parishes where he celebrated Mass or the
Sacraments, we wish to have your written recollections. In particular, we
are interested in obtaining any personal letters or documents, mementos
and unpublished source materials that may be used to foster a greater
understanding of Father Atkinson’s life. Photographs or videos of Father Atkinson would also be useful.
Please give your contact information to us, the Historical Commission
for the Cause of Fr. Bill Atkinson, OSA, by e-mail at: atkinson.cause at
gmail.com or by telephone message to: 610-519-6937.

Thank you, Fr. Joseph Ryan, OSA (chair)

President, Historical Commission