Prayer Intentions

Prayer to Our Mother of Good Counsel

O Mary, Mother of Good Counsel,
You are the first and most faithful of the disciples of Jesus.
Our Father chose you to present His Son to the world:
guide me on the path that leads to Him.
In this passing world our hearts are fearful and our judgments uncertain.
I come to you for guidance that I may know Jesus
And for confidence that I may put all my trust in Him.
Instruct me in the way of generous giving
That I may share his and your love for all.
O Mary, the dwelling place of God’s wisdom
Guide me in all I do and set my footsteps on the way of peace.
Our Mother of Good Counsel, pray for me.

Let us pray to the Lord…

For the Faithful Departed:

Officer Chris Jones                                                                       Joan Wisniewski
David Garrison                                                                               Mildred Maguire
Reverend Mr. Adam Crowe                                                          James Ferris
Christine Jackson                                                                         The brother-in-law of Mr. Dolan & Senior Bryan Dolan
Byron Spencer                                                                               Jack McKeever
Lillian Logue                                                                                  Mary J. Hibner
Adrian Danielski                                                                            Mr. Thomas Sabol
Joanne (Riley) Rogers                                                                Thomas Logue
Margaret Stellman                                                                        Bob Preston
Gottleib Wetzel                                                                              Rev. David J. Duffy
Mr. Richard Hamilton                                                                   Sister Paul Mercedes
Mrs. Maureen Eberle                                                                   Mr. Steve Brookes
Mary Gertrude (Hayes) Kishel                                                   Mr. Kenneth Baker
Mary Catherine O’Leary                                                              Christopher Sallee
Anne Marie Rigle                                                                         Christopher Conlon
Stephen P. Hutton                                                                        Monsignor Thomas J. Herron
Brandon Robert Hall                                                                   Anthony DiTullio
Philip M. Stanley                                                                          Robert Thomas
Joseph Moretto                                                                            Thomas J. Holden
Joseph Logue                                                                              Robert Sheain
Edward Cunningham                                                                 Mr. Eric Petzak
Danny Riley                                                                                  The Grandmother of Kevin and Nick Kelly
Laura A. Kelly                                                                               The Grandmother of Keith Smith
Gregory Paul Kernicky                                                                Mrs. Winnie Long
Thomas Tarpey                                                                           Mrs. Mary Teresa Sweeney
Justin Barrow                                                                              Mrs. Alice McLaughlin
Joseph Kane Jr.                                                                          Mrs. Dolores Funk
Father Bill Atkinson                                                                    Mr. John Cicala
Terry Wiegand                                                                             Thomas Michael Henry
James Polisano

For the Sick:
Pat Noble
Frances McHale
Charles Pagliotti
Colleen Whitefield Doyle
Kathy Fisher DiGiovanni
Charles Dougherty
William Libor and family
Maureen Zane
Winnie McKeon
Ken Cloud
Augustinian Friars
Donald R. Klein, father of James Klein ’65
Edward Brannick, grandfather of Mr. Bill Brannick
Mary Frances Chuckra, cousin of Fr. Joe Narog, O.S.A.
Mrs. Paula Shelton
Mr. Steve Mignogna, father of Chris Mignogna
Ms. Cindy Heigman
Mrs. Eleanor Miller, grandmother of Tim, Andrew, and Tommy Hutton
Ms. Ladonna Scaggs, daughter of Mrs. Sally Scaggs
Jim Redding

Other Intentions:
Nick Campanile, brother of Tom Campanile who is deployed to Iraq with the U.S. Marines
For the safety of the Armed Forces
For the safety of our Police and Firefighters

Prayer requests to be added to this list may be submitted to the School Minister at


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