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Sports Management and Entertainment

(3 week Accelerated course/ 9 am to 1 pm) $300 per 3 credits

Course Summary:

This course acquaints students with the state of the sport management industry and demonstrates how changes and growth have increased the need for trained sport management professionals today. The course also provides students with an overview of the opportunities and responsibilities in sport and entertainment management. Field trips and professional preparation exercises are required.​​


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FILA 120 01B Liberal Arts

(3 week accelerated course/ 9 am to 1 pm)  $475 per 3 credits

Course summary:

The first writing course that all students take in their first semester. It also serves as an introduction to the various disciplines within the Liberal Arts tradition as well as an opportunity to strengthen college level learning skills. Students will read and analyze important texts, participate in discussions, listen to and engage each other in discussions about ideas that have shaped our world as a preparation for the rest of their academic experiences. Assignments will emphasize the development of critical thinking, reading and writing skills.

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FALL 2017

CDM 206 Effective Public Speaking

8th Period  MWF   $300 for 3 credits

As an introduction to the basic principles and methods of public speaking, with the application of theory expressed through classroom presentations, students prepare and deliver speeches of information and persuasion on topics related to their major field of study. They also take part in oral exercises which have been designed to increase their self-confidence and to enhance the clarity and expressiveness of their speech. Students learn and practice the following rhetorical and presentation strategies which are so useful in the professional workplace and in the classroom: successful adaptation to the audience and the environment; development and organization of the coherent outline; selection of appropriate supporting material and arguments; and the preparation and use of effective visual aids. The techniques of active listening and the use of visual aids for supportive audience behavior are also taught.

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PHI 100  Intro to Philosophy

(Tues/Thurs  at 8th period  1:45 to 3 pm)   $300 for 3 credits

What is philosophy? What does it mean to be a “lover of wisdom?” In this course philosophy is introduced as a way of asking very basic questions about the value and limitations of human knowledge, the basic meaning of human values and how we measure the ethical worth of human actions, and the ultimate perspectives on one’s view of reality and life. Philosophical thinkers who have offered original views on these subjects will be studied to help students develop their own opinions.

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Tues/Thurs 1st period  $550 for 2 credits (Must be eligible)

An introduction to engineering graphics and visualization, including sketching, line drawing, and solid modeling, using a commercial CAE package to demonstrate various concepts. This course develops students’ ability to think visually, communicate spatial information to an engineering audience through parametric solid modeling drafting standards, and begin to recognize the connection between a virtual design and an actual component. One lecture and one lab per week. 2 semester hours

Specific objectives for BPHS  ( One lecture and one lab per week.  2 Semester hours)

  • Introduction of the essential concepts of engineering graphics and the use of Autodesk Inventor across engineering disciplines.
  • Topics include: orthographic projection, dimensioning, sectioning, tolerance, assembly drawings and pictorial drawings in both 2D and 3D.
  • Individual/team projects are used to allow students to solve design challenges with skills that they have learned in the course.

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ARS 0130   Intro to Watercolor

(Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm)  $400 for 3 credits (art supplies included)

This course is intended to introduce students to the techniques in traditional and non-traditional watercolor media. In addition to studio practice, course work will include weekly demonstrations of techniques and lectures by the instructor. Emphasis will be placed upon direct observation of the subject, including figure, still life and landscape.
Prerequisite: None
3 Credits
This course fulfills the creative expression requirement in the Undergraduate College’s General Education program.

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Writing your college essay course.

Mrs. Scepansky is offering a course to Juniors only. You will receive assistance and editing for writing your college essay.  After the week long course, you will leave with your completed essay for college applications.   The cost is $125.  (no credits offered).


Checks made payable to Tricia Scepansky.  Please bring check and application to Mrs. Hayden in Student Affairs.