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Mon/Wed 8th period beginning January 8th

CDM 206 Effective Public Speaking

3credits   Course Fee $300

As an introduction to the basic principles and methods of public speaking, with the application of theory expressed through classroom presentations, students prepare and deliver speeches of information and persuasion on topics related to their major field of study. They also take part in oral exercises which have been designed to increase their self-confidence and to enhance the clarity and expressiveness of their speech. Students learn and practice the following rhetorical and presentation strategies which are so useful in the professional workplace and in the classroom: successful adaptation to the audience and the environment; development and organization of the coherent outline; selection of appropriate supporting material and arguments; and the preparation and use of effective visual aids. The techniques of active listening and the use of visual aids for supportive audience behavior are also taught.

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Tues/Thurs at 8th period   1:45-3:00 pm, beginning January 9th

BUS 250 Business Communications

3 Credits   Course Fee $300

This course focuses on the written and oral communication skills that are necessary in today’s diverse business environment. Students plan, compose, and revise a variety of documents with an emphasis on style, organization, and audience analysis. The role of technology is also explored, as is the importance of face-to-face nonverbal communication. Through the semester, students prepare and deliver individual and team presentations and learn effective multi-media presentation skills. A major component of this course includes job search correspondence, strategies, and skills.

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Cabrini University is offering a Dual Enrollment Course at Bonner & Prendergast Catholic High School during the spring semester (January 29th-May 23rd). This is a fully accredited college-level course that is provided at a significant discount through our partnership with your high school. The cost to you is only $100 per credit plus the cost of books.

  • PHI 102 – Critical Thinking – This course is an inquiry into the justification of knowledge and value claims and their relationship to each other. It introduces concepts of critical thinking, including background knowledge, the web of belief, the limits of evidence, the nature of proof and the twin pitfalls of dogmatism and relativism. Students are also introduced to some basic concepts of logical thinking such as the difference between deductive and inductive reasoning, reasoning about cause and effect, and some common reasoning fallacies. The course seeks to show how good critical thinking characterizes both scientific and moral reasoning. Emphasis is on thinking critically about issues from everyday life.

Monday and Wednesday1:45 PM-3:00 PM)

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Drawing I  

Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm in B&P Art Room, begins in February

3 credits, Course Fee $400 (includes cost of supplies)

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Wednesdays, 3:00 – 6:00 pm, beginning January 17.

ART116 – 2D Design 

3 Credits   Course fee: $100


This course is an introduction to the elements and principles of design (line, color, shape, texture, space, form, value, unity, balance, variety, scale, proportion, rhythm, emphasis) on a two-dimensional surface. Projects include black and white and color media. In this studio class students are presented with visual problems to solve (by hand and digitally) on a weekly basis that relate to lecture topics. Students should view their participation in this course as a time to acquire foundational skills, develop visual curiosity, research, and experiment. Emphasis is also placed on knowledge of contemporary art and design and the ability to analyze work verbally.

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