Reading on the Road

Bonner & Prendie Take Reading “On the Road Again…”

Seventeen years ago, a tradition was formed at Bonner & Prendie – the Reading Trip.  This year, a record number of students volunteered to travel to a record number of schools to read to the little children.   Some of the students remember when they were visited by Bonner & Prendie students at their elementary schools.  The tradition would not be possible without the idea and planning of Mrs. Grace Kane, supported by the Administrations, Faculties, Support Staffs of Bonner & Prendie, and all the elementary schools that welcome back their alum to visit, to give back, to enjoy.

Ninety-nine juniors and seniors from Mrs. Kane’s classes, visit nine elementary schools throughout the area.  They choose their favorite books, plan creative activities and spend time with the children.  The trip has been lauded by everyone who has ever participated as an awesome experience for all.

Special shout-out to this year’s chaperones, from all walks of our community, from the president, Dr. Cooke to Administrators and those in our Administration and Admissions and Ministry Offices, Mrs. Annemarie Hayden, Sister Anne Christine, Mrs. Joanne Dolan, Mr. Kyle Johnson, Sr. Rose, to teachers and coaches, Mrs. Liz Farren, Mrs. Grace Kane, Mr. Tom Markopoulos, Ms. Denise Monzione, Coaches McCauley and Muldoon, and former ACE Scholar, Mr. Rory Sweeney.  And, to Mrs. Bernice Mintzer for organizing the photos.

For all Bonner students, present and past, who have participated in this enriching tradition over the years, Thank you!

See a few photos HERE!