NHS Tutoring Request Information



Before completing the request for a National Honor Society Tutor, please carefully read this information.

A. For tutoring to help, you must work with your tutor and your teacher.

  • Pay attention and participate in class.
  • Take notes and review them daily.
  • Do all in-class and homework assignments carefully and completely,

B. Plan to spend 40 to 60 minutes per week with your tutor.

  • If you need more time than this, you need a professional tutor, not an NHS tutor.
  • Keep all appointments for tutoring.
  • Be on time. Your tutor has homework and activities of his/her own. Do not make him/her waste time waiting for you.
  • If you are ill at home, let your tutor know. If necessary, call school and leave a message for him/her.

C.Go to tutoring sessions prepared with questions, topics you want to go over, homework that is giving you trouble.

  • Your tutor will not give you answers or do the work for you. He/she will help you to understand how to do it yourself.
  • Preserve: the results of tutoring do not happen immediately, nor are you finished with a tutor after one good test.

D. If you miss appointments or fail to respond to your tutor’s messages three times your tutor will contact the moderator. The moderator or NHS officers will check on this, and you will likely lose your tutor for the rest of the semester.

E. If your tutor is not keeping his/her appointments with you, or if you both agree that he/she is not able to help you with your subject area, you should contact Ms. Dolan. She will check and take action on this matter.

F. If you find that you are doing well in your subject area and you do not need tutoring anymore, please let your tutor know, so we can then reassign your tutor to another student who needs help.

Now print and complete the  NHS Request Form and put the completed form into the bin in the Guidance office, which is located on the 1st floor.