Scholarship Winners


On Wednesday, June 14the following the closing Mass of the year for the Class of 2018 Dr. Cooke introduced two special scholarships. The scholarship winners were then announced.

Rev. Paul Morrissey ’57 Scholarship

Fr. Paul Morrissey (Bonner ’57), his sister, Mary Johnson (Prendie ’62) and her husband, Michael (Bonner ’59) celebrating Fr. Paul’s 50th anniversary of joining the Augustinians on the occasion of a Jubilee Celebration led by Archbishop Charles Chaput at the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia, September 8, 2013.

The family of Rev. Paul F. Morrissey, OSA has set up a scholarship in the name of their brother. This scholarship will honor Fr. Morrissey for his dedication to all of the people who have sought his spiritual guidance over the years.

This $2000 scholarship will be awarded each year to the junior WHO most exemplifies Fr. Morrissey’s  love of God and life. This year the scholarship was awarded by Mr. and Mrs. Johnson to Ann Marie Papa.

The Maureen Eberle Scholarship

Maureen Eberle was a beloved Theology teacher at Monsignor Bonner High School. In her honor a scholarship fund was established to assist two juniors for their upcoming senior year.

The Maureen Eberle Scholarship is a $1000 tuition scholarship for senior year that is awarded to one boy and one girl at the end of their junior year. Candidates for this scholarship are nominated by their theology teachers. The students selected must be practicing Catholics who have high grades in Honors Theology. They must receive a letter of recommendation from their pastor and write an essay entitled What my Catholic Faith Means to Me. This information is sent to the selection committee where two of the candidates, one boy and one girl are chosen.

Mrs. Eileen DeStefano, our present Theology chairperson and sister of Mrs. Eberle, presented this year’s scholarships to Stephen Boston and Jenna Rastatter.

On Thursday, June 15the following the closing Mass of the year for the Class of 2019 and the Class of 2020 Dr. Cooke introduced three special scholarships. The scholarship winners were then announced.

Nicole Gallo ’08 Sunshine and Bubbles Scholarship

The Gallo Family has established a scholarship in memory of Nicole Gallo ’08 to benefit Sophomore, Junior and Senior year students attending Monsignor Bonner and Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School (MBAP). Nicole was an active member of the Bonner and Prendie Family; while at Prendie she was a member of the soccer, track and dance teams and participated in the school shows. She was dedicated to community service and had an indomitably positive attitude and strong faith.

Nicole’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gallo, presented this year’s scholarship to Katelyn McKenzie.

Billy Lake’67 ALS Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is in memory of Billy Lake. Billy is a graduate of Monsignor Bonner High School from the class of ’67. Billy Lake died in 1992 at the age of 42 from Lou Gehrig’s disease.The Billy Lake ALS Marathon is an all-day basketball tournament in memory of Billy and raises funds for research into ALS and provides educational scholarships in the name of the Billy Lake Memorial Research Fund. Since 1993, Patti Lake-Quinn has awarded 13 scholarships in his memory to a student who has finished his freshman year at Bonner. The scholarship is valued at $2,000 a year for the student’s remaining three years.

Mrs. Patti Lake-Quinn presented this year’s scholarship to Connor Egan.

Kimberly Ostien Memorial Scholarship

In honor of Kimberly, a 2003 graduate of Archbishop Prendergast, her family has established a scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to a 9th grade student who worked very hard during freshman year and displays Kimberly’s drive and determination to succeed.

Kimberly’s mom Theresa and Kimberly’s brother Matt, a 2001 graduate of Monsignor Bonner presented this year’s scholarships to Elizabeth DeStefano and Andrew Kaeser.