International Trip Program



Instituted in the 2016-2017 school year, the International Trip Program at Bonner-Prendie will be taking its very first excursion to Greece in the summer of 2018. This program is offered to any Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior who keep an academic and discipline record that is in good standing. Every summer the destination will be different and unique.

The point of this program is to afford our students the opportunity to experience the ever changing, beautiful, and unique world that we live in. The main goals of this program are to educate our students about the different cultures of the world and to allow our students the opportunity gain a wider and more inclusive perspective of the world and the people residing in it. Besides the experience itself there is also an opportunity to earn college credits for participating in these trips.

Information regarding each of these educational and life-changing experiences is given out at an Information Meeting during each school year in the month of September, unless noted otherwise. The general details about these Information Meetings can be found in Room 223 with Mr. Matthew McShane or by emailing him at