Mrs. Felicia Davis

STA_DAVIS_FELICIAGuidance Department

Felicia Davis
610-259-0280 Ext. 2022
Serving Bonner & Prendergast since: 2015

Education History

B.S.W. West Chester University
M.S.W. West Chester University

Personal Information

Mrs. Felicia Davis earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Social Work from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. She has experience in providing support and counseling to youth in foster care, treatment foster care, homeless shelters and home-based family therapy. Mrs. Davis says “by far Bonner & Prendie has been my favorite place to be a social worker!” When Mrs. Davis is not at work, she enjoys crafting and teaching Sunday school at her church.

Why Bonner & Prendie?

Bonner & Prendie feels like a family. The students are a joy to be around!