Course Catalog & Course Selection Process


All course selections will be accessed and completed on GradeConnect.

The 2017-2018 Course Catalog

Download our Course Selection PowerPoint


Course Selection Instructions:

When you go to GradeConnect, you will see a “Course Selection” tab. This will bring up your unique course selection sheet. There are essentially five steps in the course selection process:

  1.  Look at all the available courses that you are offered.
    2. Choose the courses that you want to take next year.
    3. Scroll down and hit the SUBMIT button.
    4. PRINT the course selection sheet.
    5. Parent and student SIGN the course selection sheet.

PLEASE REVIEW the Course Catalog and Powerpoint.

The process will be as follows:

  • Bonner & Prendie’s complete Course Catalog can be found in PDF format by clicking HERE.
    • You will NOT receive a printed copy of the catalog.
    • Parents/guardians are asked to review the Academic Course Catalogue and the Course Selection sheet with their son or daughter.
  • The course selection sheet lists the courses recommended by the Bonner & Prendie teachers and the academic departments based your student’s ability and past performance. All course selection sheets are due back no later than MONDAY, April 3, 2017
    • All courses on that form (with the exception of AP courses) are available to the students without additional approvals from school personnel.
    • The Course Exception Request is used for either of two reasons:
      1. The student wishes to select a course not listed.
      2. The student wishes to apply for a track change.

A parent/legal guardian must email to make a request.

The final decision is made by the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs.