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realCollege-TGI-brochure_Tri-fold-page-2--webThe Bonner and Prendie realCollege® program provides a unique opportunity for Bonner and Prendie students. realCollege® provides our students with the opportunity to acquire real college credits, not just potential AP credits, right on the Bonner and Prendie campus; so that our students can graduate with real college courses already completed and their parents can potentially realize many thousands of dollars in college cost savings. Our students have a variety of courses to select from, from our five college partnerships, each semester.


April 26, 2017

Dear Parents,

I hope this letters finds you enjoying the beautiful Spring Weather!  We are currently preparing for our upcoming 2017 Summer and Fall semesters in our realCollege® Program. What sets our program apart from all of the others is that all of our college courses are held right here on our Bonner & Prendie campus!  One of the most exciting activities here, I must say, is the presence of our college partners – Chestnut Hill College, Cabrini University, Neumann University, Rosemont College, Harcum College, Immaculata University and our newest partner, Widener University!

Our Spring courses began in January with many of our B&P students registered and ready to take on a challenge!  Cabrini College is currently offering a Sociology course during 8th period and Harcum College is running a course in Fashion Design.  This course runs on Tuesdays after school.  We are extremely excited for our students to also experience Engineering courses right here on our campus with Widener University!

We are so fortunate that our students are able to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.  These students will receive college credits at the completion of the course for a fraction of the cost, and they never left their high school campus!

Under our realCollege® Partnership Program, students may take up to 30 college credits over the two-year period of junior and senior year, acquiring a maximum of 15 credits per year. This would include the possibility of taking college courses during the summer. Only 2 courses per semester will be permitted at this time during the school year. These courses are only offered to those students who maintain a GPA of 80 or above on their High School report card.  Our students are given the opportunity to choose whether they want their college credits to count toward their High School quality points as “dual enrollment”, or to be kept as separate college credits. “Dual Enrollment”, means that the college courses will be factored into their High School report card and will count as AP credits toward their quality points.  If they choose the credits to be kept separate, their credits will be “in addition to” the High School credits each student is required to take. We feel that the students should be able to choose how to use their College credits.

The Summer and Fall 2017 course offerings and registration forms for our students are now posted on the Bonner & Prendie website under the realCollege® tab and are also available in the Academic Affairs office. To register or to learn more about the program, Parents and/or students can download the registration forms and payment options for each of the colleges. All completed forms and payments are to be returned to the Academic Affairs office by May 31st. Please, contact me if you have interest or questions regarding these courses, or our realCollege® Program.  The Monsignor Bonner & Archbishop Prendergast Community looks forward to the upcoming Summer/Fall Semester!

Very sincerely,

Mrs. Anne Marie Hayden

Director of  realCollege® Program

610-259-0280 ext. 1286 OR


List of Courses and Enrollment Forms