Tuition & Tuition Assistance

 Tuition Assistance

Bonner & Prendergast annually awards tuition assistance. Scholarships and Financial Aid is divided into three categories at Bonner and Prendergast: Academic Scholarships, Financial Aid and Other Scholarships and Grants. This aid is directed to tuition only and does not cover fees and other expenses. While part of this amount is awarded as four year academic scholarships to outstanding performers on the scholarship exam, by far the larger part of tuition assistance goes to students as need based grants.

Academic Scholarships

Renewable four year academic scholarships are awarded to applicants who have scored the highest on the Scholarship Exam.  Students will have two opportunities to take the Scholarship Exam. You can find a list of these scholarships HERE.

Financial Aid

Click HERE for an important announcement from Dr. Cooke concerning financial aid.