Graduation & Roster Requirements


What you need to know in order to choose courses for next year …

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has made a slight adjustment to graduation requirements. All students must complete 26 credits in order to graduate but now as a senior, students should choose a “specialized” course. This is a fourth year of one of the following; Social Studies, Mathematics, Science or a third year of a Language, see explanation of Specialized Course on the bottom of the Requirements for Graduation form.

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The attached worksheet, give students a general idea of what courses are available to take in a particular year. Tracking will be determined by the student’s grade in the pre-requisite course. If you took ELA 1 (track 2) and received a grade of 98 your teacher most likely informed the Academic Office that you should move to a track 1 section, and your mapping would show Honors ELA 2. If this is not the case and you wish to move up, or down a track, you should pick up a Course Exception Form and follow the instruction on reverse side of this sheet. If a teacher, or department chair do not give you written permission to change track, you will not be permitted to change track.

With regards to Mathematics and Science courses, if you take Algebra I in freshman year you should be mapped to Geometry. If you took Biology you will automatically be mapped to Chemistry. The only reason this process would change is if your teacher suggested changing your track.

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Electives may be found on the back of the Course Requirements for Graduation form.

Electives are required courses needed to graduate but you decide which course you would like to take from the list.

Course Requirements for Graduation

Making Sure YOU Are Eligible Worksheet