Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome and thank you for our interest in Bonner & Prendergast Catholic High School. Choosing a high school is one of life’s most important decisions. High school is a time to make lifelong friendships, develop study habits, make moral decisions and participate in various activities and athletic competitions. Most importantly, your child enters high school as a growing adolescent and leaves as a young adult capable of making career and higher education decisions. Along the journey to adulthood, are the teen years in which the child needs ingrained values to help negotiate new social relationships, ideas, goals, and independence. That is why choosing a high school is so vital.

Bonner & Prendergast helps guide our young students down this journey through a Catholic community. This community fosters mental, physical and spiritual growth in our students. We can truly appreciate the rewards of a Bonner & Prendergast education, as it has prepared us for life after high school. We are proud to be two of more than 40,000 graduates and part of this ever growing tradition.

The best way to appreciate the sense of community at Bonner & Prendergast is to visit our campus. After you have had an opportunity to view our website, please contact us to set up an appointment for you and your family to tour our school. We would appreciate the chance for you to experience the unique feel and spirit at Bonner & Prendergast. Students, you can also arrange to spend the day. One of our students will show you around the school as you follow their roster and are our guests for lunch.


We look forward to meeting you and your family as we invite you to join the Bonner & Prendergast Family.




Mr. Steven L. Clement
Director of Admissions
610-259-0280 ext. 3225