Mr. Tom Cerone

Tom Cerone
Serving Bonner & Prendergast since: 2010

Education History

B.S. Temple University
M.A. Saint Joseph’s University


Senior Retreat Moderator, Prendie Student Council Moderator

Personal Information

Mr. Cerone earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Temple University and recently earned a M.A. in Special Education from St. Joseph’s University.  He has been teaching in the Archdiocese secondary system for the past ten years.  Mr. Cerone is also a P.I.A.A. Sport’s Official for high school sports.

Why Bonner & Prendergast?

After teaching at several Archdiocesan high schools, I quickly learned why Bonner & Prendergast is such a unique place for our students to learn and grow.  Students come to Bonner & Prendie from many diverse backgrounds and experiences.  However, our students seem to pull together as one faith based school community, regardless of their differences.  Bonner  &  Prendie give our students a strong sense of character and pride in their school.  This is evident as I walk the hallways and interact with our students.

Upon arriving at Bonner & Prendie I immediately felt a warm welcome into this community, as if I had been teaching there for several years.  I feel that the faculty and administration have always been very welcoming and supportive, anytime I sought their assistance.