Beliefs and Profiles of Graduates

We Believe that:

  • All people are valued and should be treated with dignity and respect
  • Our Catholic faith shapes a strong moral and ethical foundation which is essential to human development
  • Nurturing the spiritual development of our students is essential for the Kingdom of God to flourish among us and will result in a positive influence on the community.
  • The expression of the Catholic faith creates an excellent environment for learning the value of serving others through our God given talents
  • A strong academic program that develops life-long learning builds a framework for a successful future
  • In celebrating individual achievements; recognizing that students learns at different rates and express unique strengths
  • Education is a shared partnership between our students, families, school, community, and educators.


Profile of Graduates

Monsignor Bonner and Archbishop Prendergast graduates will be:

  • Spiritually Enriched
    • Exemplifying Catholic values of love and service for God, self and others
    • Understanding that they are unique and valuable beings of God’s love
    • Discerning right from wrong and willing to act on the courage of their convictions
    • Knowledgeable people who have a personal, lifelong relationship with Jesus.
  • Intellectually Confident
    • Excelling in their future endeavors
    • Utilizing critical thinking to be effective problem solvers
    • Zealous lifelong learners
    • Demonstrating a positive work ethic that motivates them to pursue and succeed in a higher education and workplace environments
  • Socially Responsible
    • Advocating principles of Catholic social justice
    • Effective communicators who will nurture the skills to enable them to adapt to various settings and situations necessary for cooperation in our diverse world
    • Personally responsible for preserving and sustaining God’s world around us.